2.0 Known Issues

Hey Guys,

I’ve created this place where we’ll list out issues players have been encountering and keep you updated on our current progress with them. Please post an issues you see here.

Updated July 7th 2016


  • Ranks displayed on Enemy choices are incorrect. Status: Investigating. We have been unable to reproduce this during our internal testing.
  • PVP Tier Reward blank and game gets stuck. Status: Investigating.


  • Ghost Troops not disappearing. Status: There is still a rare version of this issue caused by Dust Devil. We are having trouble reproducing this internally, any videos of it occurring would be helpful to track it down.
  • Summoned troop spawning with negative status effect. Status: Investigating. Internal testing hasn’t been able to reproduce this. Anyone who has a video of this occurring shoul email to our support.
  • Summoned troop Traits not activating correctly. Status: Investigating.
  • Sacrificial Priest’s sacrifice does die if they have Life Drain. Status: Investigating.
  • Gems not matching correcting, giving full mana amount or Extra turns from matching 4 or 5 of the same gems. Status: Investigating.


  • Frenzy still triggering multiple times. Status: Fix coming in patch 2.0.1
  • Aspect of Famine killing final troop, causes the game to lock up. Status: Fix coming in patch 2.0.1


  • Protect and Serve not giving Barrier to correct troops. Status: Investigating
  • Dust and Sand not debuffing all enemies. Status: Investigating
  • Summoning a troop in Arena summons level 15 troop, even when summoned troop should be lower level. Status: Investigating
  • Ability to summoning a Troop at a higher level than what you own. Status: Investigating
  • Tauros Spell’s bonus damage activating even when not damaged. Status: Investigating
  • Fallen Hero not gaining stats from spell. Status: Investigating
  • Summoned Troops summoning with negative status effect. Status: Investigating


  • Attempting to Kick/Promote/Demote player in Guild brings up player profile first. Status: Investigating. This will be addressed in 2.1
  • Guild Weekly contributions not resetting correct… Status: Investigating. This will be addressed in 2.1


  • Game runs slower than normal. Status: Fix coming in patch 2.0.1
  • Black screen after tabbing between game and other applications on PC. Status: Known issue. This is an Adobe air issues that we cannot easily fix.
  • 4 Star Kingdoms are not giving correct gold reward. Status: [quote=“Sirrian, post:11, topic:7613, full:true”]
    Actually, I just had a look in our issue tracker, and I have another (more detailed) update for you.

We have a hotfix going out to the server for this on Monday which will actually fix the amount of gold generated, so that players receive the correct amount for 4-star kingdoms

There will still be a display issue in the game, and it will still SHOW the incorrect value in the kingdom menu. This will remain in place until we do another update for the client.

Resolved Issues

  • PvP Invade team is def to Defense team. Status: Resolved.
  • Incorrect Battle Log duplicating Victories and showing them as Defeats. Status: We have put a fix out addressing this.
  • 60 Win Revenge Reward not giving out Event Key. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Gaining 1 Less trophy from pvp than displayed. Status: Internal Testing is showing this to be working correctly.
  • Crash when entering PVP menu/ PVP battle. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • PVP Tier Rewards not being received. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • PVP Battle log display issues. Status: _Resolved! There were are couple of issues with the Battle Log and PVP stats. We have gotten some fixes for these out, while other require a client update to fix.
  • PVP Tier not resetting correctly. Status: Resolved, but requires a client update to go out.
  • Arena reverting Weapon when entering battle. Status: Resolved! We have put a fix out for this.
  • Hero with no weapons in Arena. Status: Resolved.
  • Black Screen when entering Arena. Status: We have been unable reproduce this internally.
  • Soothsayer spell with No Effect’ pop up causing the game to lock up. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Wight’s Spell not steal Life. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out on.
  • Earning PVP points and Trophies from Quests or PVE battle. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Combo Breaker in not applying outside of Ranked PVP. Status: Internal Testing is showing this to be working correctly.
  • Not Receiving Glory or Souls from PVP Battles. Status: It was discovered that having 0 Glory, would cause the game not to give glory rewards correctly. Fix should be out.
  • “Brand” Traits are not working for enemy teams. Status: Internal Testing is showing this to be working correctly.
  • Players can progress to level 1001. Status: We will actually will be raising the level cap in the future, and this snuck out there.
  • Error message when trying to access another player’s profile. Status: Resolved!
  • Red Chests and Vaults in Treasure Hunt are rewarding Gold. Status: Resolved.
  • Daily Login Bonus resetting back to Day 1. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Black Screen after Daily Login Bonus. Status: Resolved. Fix should be out. You may need to make sure Gems of War is up to date.
  • Incorrect Glory being Rewarded at Daily Login Bonus. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Trophies not being updated correctly on the Guild Roster screen. Status: Resolved! We have put a fix out for this.
  • Logging out of Global Chat closing Guild Chat. Status: Resolved! You can opt out of Global chat by tapping the Channel button and then tapping the None button.
  • News Menu keeps popping up after PVP. Status: Resolved! We have put a fix out for this.
  • Resource Bonuses not applying. Status: Resolved! Fix is out currently.
  • Error Message when unlocking a kingdom. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.
  • Game Out of Sync Error Message. Status: This is display when you try to play across 2 devices, but we’re looking to improve it.

I don’t know if this is intended or not… but you can now scroll the chat window sideways in both directions… it’s kinda weird :S

Also seems as though Winter Imp is in the chests… is that intended? (Thought he was only available in (northern)winter)

Why would a person even TRY that :rolling_eyes: lol - you guys!


I didn’t MEAN to… it just happened while trying to drag scroll up and down with a mouse :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the area to click on a name for the Hero profile seems to extend the whole way across the chat box horizontally. So clicking in blank space and trigger it

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Another issue… Just opened a VIP chest and got 2 DIFFERENT epics… I thought it was meant to be 2 copies of the same? Screenshot incoming shortly…

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It’s any 2 epics rather than 2 of the same epic.


Did that change then? Since @Sirrian mentioned in the video it was two copies of the same one…

“VIP Chests
Speaking of VIP chests, we have a little something for our VIP customers. Now when you pull an epic card, you’ll get two copies of that card. And when you pull a traitstone, you’ll get 2 copies of that traitstone. Along with a bonus 2000 gold for every chest opened, and the chance of a mythic, we feel this really improves the value of VIP chests.”

Sorry about that - I probably didn’t convey that very well.

The video also shows you getting 2 copies of Raven. I guess it changed after the video was made?

@Sirrian I have reached rank 14 three times now but the following match I go back to 15. Is it supposed to be this way?

“No target available” when Soothsayer used his skill. Then the party is blocked.

What do you mean by this?

Unlocking glacail peaks freezes the game, at least for me it did.

Red chests in treasure hunting still give gold occasionally and its 50 gold.

Early bug report.

I have played a few PVP matches. I won 4, checked my global stats, and noticed 2 defense losses, but both those 2 losses were the exact same players that i attacked. The loss were registered at the exact time when i invaded them, so around 3 minutes before winning the battle.

Also what is curious, is that those 2 losses are shown with a broken sword instead of a broken shield in the battle log…

Water brand is not working for defence team.

I just tested this and it seemed to work fine on Steam at least. The animation played saying no target, mana was drained (is that intended?) and then I could continue playing as normal.

Apparently Vaults do as well, dunno how many. Someone in Global Chat reported it.

I have the same problem as @Macawi - my event level keeps cycling from 15 to 14 to 15 to 14 over and over. I’ll never get to rank 1 at this rate!:weary: