2.0 FAQ List and Answers

2.0 FAQ Compendium

So with the dust settling slightly on the release of 2.0, I figured we might want to collate the answers to some of the most frequently asked question.

First things first, the known issues thread is here, and Nimhain is keeping the first post updated with the status of the known issues listed.

This is also one of the main location to post bug reports for 2.0.

27/05 11:48am AEST - @Nimhain has just posted a update on the current known issues:

And this is the PVP Preview Video that describes the new system:


Dude, where’s my Revenge Tab?
The Revenge system has been folded into the invade one. Now, occasionally when you draw your invade targets, one of them can be someone who invaded you recently and be marked as a revenge battle. These award more glory than usual (+3 I believe).

Iron Gauntlet Score
This is a new Team Power score that Sirrian introduced briefly in the PVP Preview video. It rates your team based on the levels of the cards, their rarities, the traits they have unlocked, and your kingdom bonuses and gem masteries.

Source: PVP Preview video

Rank? Tier? Whats?!
The old PVP Rank has been renamed Tier and is now claimable as soon as you are eligible for it (ie have accumulated enough PVP points).
PVP Rank now refers to your place on the global PVP ladder, and is a number from 1-X Where X is the number of players on the ladder. Rewards for your final PVP Rank are paid out at the end of the week. Even if you are out of the top 1000 you still get a small reward.

Did PVP ranks get reset?
Yes. The old event (which ran for about 2-3 days ended, and you should have gotten your pay out as if the week ended. The new event that started with the 2.0 going live will run till next Monday and change over as normal (albeit at a new time, see below)

Can I lose Trophies in PvP?
Not any more!

Are the key Tier rewards gold keys or glory keys?
They should be glory keys, however at the moment there is a bug that causes them to be gold keys.

Does difficulty apply in PVP anymore?
Ranked PVP does NOT use difficulty anymore. Casual PVP however still will apply difficulty settings.


Are the new kingdom troops in chests?
Yes, other than Yeti who is the event troop for next week.

Is War (the new Mythic troop) in chests?
Yes, he has a low low chance to drop from Glory chests, and higher chances in Gem, and VIP chests.

How do I get Ice Dagger? / What is Ice Dagger?
This is the 40 mastery weapon for the new kingdom. It requires 40 Water and 40 Magic mastery to receive. You might need to level up to trigger receiving it. I’m not sure what happens for level 1000 players.
For level 1000 players:

Why am I seeing level 1001 players in PVP? Has the cap been raised?
Not yet, but there are plans to do so in the future according to Nimhain, and this level slipped out by accident.

Weren’t VIP chests meant to give 2 of the same epic?
Apparently this was not conveyed correctly. You do get 2 epics, but they may or may not be the same one.

Is Winter Imp meant to be in the chests at the moment?
Short answer: Yes.

How can I opt out of Global chat, but still stay in Guild chat?
In global chat, tap on Channel:001 (as if you were going to change channel number) and then hit the new None button.


The event change over time on Mondays has been moved to 8 hours earlier than its previous time. Check this thread for more details on what that is in your timezone:

Also a side effect of this seems to be that the daily login bonus is now awarded at this new time as well.

###Let me know if there are any other Questions/Answers or information that should be on this list!


I would post how many people’s requests were added to the game but i think someone can handle that.

People complained about high end treasure hunt chests screwing them over just 2 weeks ago and look at them now, I wounded who that was? rolls eyes

Why can’t I seem to do anything without ratting myself out?

The list is in a couple places around the forums already :wink:

But yeah, trying to keep the OP as a way to mostly answer common questions that people have about the patch, rather than recording all the changes that occurred.

Nimhain has just posted an update on known issues, and is calling for video footage of the Soothsayer, or Ghost Troops bugs to be sent to support.

  • Resource Bonuses not applying. Status: Resolved! Fix is out currently.

  • Soothsayer spell with No Effect’ pop up causing the game to lock up. Status: Our internal testing is not triggering the issue. We’ll have another look into it. If someone affected by it can send us a video that would be useful.

  • 60 Win Revenge Reward not giving out Event Key. Status: Resolved! If you missed out on the event key please contact our support team.

  • Wight’s Spell not steal Life. Status: Resolved! Fix should be shortly.

  • Error Message when unlocking a kingdom. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.

  • Ghost Troops causing unwinnable battles. Status: Still investigating the cause. Anyone with videos of this happening should send them to support please.

  • Earning PVP points and Trophies from Quests or PVE battle. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.

  • Arena weapons reverting. Status: Resolved! Fix should be out.

  • Arena Troop cost too high when owning all the troops @ lv15. Status: Investigating.

@Nimhain: Thanks for the edit! I’m not sure how I missed that O.o

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So to confirm we do not lose trophies for losing in a pvp game?

As far as I’m aware that’s correct?

If someone else can confirm this I’ll added it to the OP.

Confirmed here:

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Thanks I knew I’d seen it somewhere!

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This seems relevant to be added: Tier rewards - gold keys

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Cheers! Added.

EDIT: Also updated with new info on Ice Dagger for level 1000 players

This is a great compilation, @Ozball!

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is the difficulty bug resolved in PvP?

does the difficulty setting NOT affect the PvP anymore?!?

It no longer affects Ranked PVP, but should still affect Casual PVP.

Will add that as well, thanks @MrSnake!

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Don’t know about others, but I “do” lose trophies if I lose a pvp battle.