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Trouble logging in Xbox One

Anyone else having issues logging in? I keep freezing at the loading screen. Tries at least 6 times.

Same issue here pino

At least not just me. @Nimhain please help!!

Working here but got the (no guild bug) earlier

It’s working for me, but the game is acting odd. For instance, I got the exclamation point notification on the PvP tab indicating someone had attacked, but when I clicked on it the window that came up showed 0 attacks on both success and fails and i got no resources.

Had that happen to me once yesterday. Was on earlier today with no problems. Keep trying to reset but keeps freezing. Ugh!

Still having the issue wiscon?

Still can’t get on

Handful of people from the guild is not able to get on either.

@Nimhain @Alpheon we are about to have a bunch of people going through withdraw here!!

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It would be nice to know it’s not just people in our guild, please speak up if you’re having the issue and not in The Alliance? Lol

Don’t be trolling my thread you witch!!

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Troll-lol lol lol lol? No seriously, I logged in fine on another account.

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Not cool. Pm your support person and see I f they can look into it. Maybe it it just us.?.?

Sux because this is my day off this week. I get the bulk of my play on mondays.

I’ve sent in a support ticket to gow support. Don’t know if I should send one to 505 as well.

If I’m not mistaken everyone is off today.

Well, it’s probably really late Tuesday night in Oz, too. :cries:

It’s actually 8am (on Tuesday) in Aus at the moment. Hopefully support will be in the office soon for you guys.


There are a few of us working today, and we will look into this shortly. There appears to be something gone wrong with the guild, and when we find the issue we’ll correct it.