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Xbox issues? Almost unplayable!

Playing on X1 and loading is taking forever and countless timeouts. Ending battles with an error afterwards and not getting rewards for battle. Almost unplayable right now. Just want to make sure it is not just me.

Crap. I was just about to get on. A log of all these issues really is required

I’m having a lot of server issues and crashing as well

Get on. Let me know. And WTF. Are you on the forums 24/7???

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Ok, at least it is not just me!! I see Truxton must have already seen my worth via my promotion already!! Yay!

Damn, you calling me out like that in public :scream:

LMFAO! You know I aim to please!!

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Can you please let us know of some of the errors you’re getting, so we can investigate?

@Alpheon there seems to be some very bad connectivity issues at the moment too (Xbox)

Mostly time outs. I will post as they come up. I am playing as we speak.

Got this while collecting guild rewards from mail.

Same thing as above two time back to back trying to start a pvp match.

Hopefully the error redirects those rewards my way

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End of match same thing. 4 time outs to play 1 pvp match.

Then staight into next match.

You get enough, trust me , I know now!

Nobody else chiming in with issues??

Then 4 matches without any incidents.

Just as I say it, same error twice trying to start battle.

@Andrew still paying attention to me, or am I talking to myself now. Either way I am good!

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