Server Down on xbox

Says the server is down and many people were playing guild war matches. I am assuming they will count as losses. I am scared to try and play them.

Took me 15-20 ‘retries’ just to log in.

ZERO chance I’m doing my battles this morning. Players are already posting on the X1 about their ‘wins’ counting as a loss.

@Nimhain @Alpheon

Has it been fixed yet?

Down again.

I’m playing the Retry game, and loosing.

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Looks like a good night for a cook out

Wow i am glad it didin’t happen when i was doing my fights, i hope it will be fix soon

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Seems there are some problems on mobile too. Lost connection messages all over the place.

Nothing from dev’s at all?

Ps4 is down too

It is still very early for them. So maybe not before a couple of hours.

I saw somebody call this in the game yesterday. Can’t say I’m at all surprised. Curious if they’ll do some compensation, and how long it’ll take for THAT to show up. Sad that I got up late today, it looks like I won’t even be able to do any GW battles for my guild today. My freaking daily logins better not get reset if I can’t log in -.-

Where did I demand anything? Oh, right, I didn’t. Take your drama creation BS elsewhere, thanks.


I was just being funny but since you cant take a joke i will leave you with your demand…


That’s not a demand. I’d suggest you buy a dictionary, look up the definition of the word. While you’re at it, look up “funny” as well. You aren’t. At all.

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Wow @RyuuHou24 im sorry if i hurt your feelings i will be sure to handle my responses with kid gloves from now on. I am glad you booted me from your guild so as to avoid all these hurt feelings that i am sure i caused while a member… Please forgive my insolence for having the nerve to have a sense of humor that you dont find funny

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We experienced a big spike in console players which affected our servers earlier this morning. We also experienced something similar at reset yesterday on PC/Mobile.

If you lost any resources during this time please contact support so they can help you further. At this point we don’t have plans to offer global compensation, so if you were affected negatively please send us a ticket.


Nor should you be obligated to imho.

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If you were in my guild at any point, and you were booted, it was because you were a poor guild member that didn’t contribute much, if anything, to the guild. Much like conversation, it would seem. Again, the only problem here is your misunderstanding of what a demand is and/or entails.

Lying about what people say is never funny.


Alright bro last post and im done with this…

First i was in your guild for a bit and i told everyone when i joined(as part of the merger) that i dont play much on ps4 and feel free to boot me whenever and i was told it was cool…

Second… IT. WAS. A. JOKE!!! Why you are taking everything so personally is beyond me. You are quick to imply that im stupid and need a dictionary but maybe you could do for one yourself and a sense of humor to go along with it. If my childish meme OFFENDED you than i apologize truly but to still be offended hours later after being told that it was a joke makes me think you are trolling because surely you arent that offended by a stupid yoda meme

Anyways dont bother responding as i am muting this thread i cant deal with a troll with no sense of humor