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Xbox issues? Almost unplayable!

Truxton is messing with the servers to test you and see how well you handle stress. It is a process all recruits must go through. The fact that you’ve already posted 14 messages in this topic does not bode well for your chances of survival. :wink:


Lol. Yeah, but still grinding trophies through it all. So at least I am persistant!!!

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Lmaoooo :beer:

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And the fact that you counted 14 messages…

Same on ps4 also

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What can I say, these server issues allow me the luxury of counting all your complaints!


Well I can’t count that high so, I will have to take your word for it!:slight_smile:

Dang it. I’m about to head home to start my PVP run. Maybe I won’t hurry…

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Signed in, first thing I did was claim the tribute and I got the error message. First match ran ok after that

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Don’t make Einsteinle report you too!!

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One funny (nice) thing about being part of the guild is that you don’t have to face the high level guys and slow you down anymore!

Einsteins got my back after I passed the tests. You had awful trouble with the stress one, wait till you see the rest…


SWEET! Who has the paddle?

Everyone. Though I am about to break mine across your cheeks!!!

Even nicer about the guild… when the guild update (unfortunately) comes it may be the only one who can max everything… increased stats relative to e everyone else… superior beings

Bring it baby. Seriously, when do I get mine??

Yeah, very true. I have mixed feelings about it. I do play pc as well ( not as much as console) The boosts will be great, but the loss in keys and gems will be very significant!

I dont think anybody wants that update. Nobody on the forums anyway

Agreed, even tacet is negative about it, and tacet rarely has bad things to say.