Anyone having problems with GOW on Xbox One?

Game keeps popping up error codes, freezing, booting me out of GOW completely at times, it reset my PvP rank, my guild appears to be reset as well, also in the Rewards Menu, the Shadow Hunter picture appears instead of Chryrxyx (prolly not spelled right), but all the stats are Chryrxyx. I’m not sure what’s up, appears they are updating the game or something, but whatever they are doing, it has made the game unplayable.

Same here. All The time error Codes and reward Screen broken/ shows weird text after a match. Unplayable today

Have had the usual error codes but that’s not out of the ordinary for me. I noticed that today all my battles cost 0 gold. A guild member said he pulled a goblin rocket from a chest(which shouldn’t have been possible) and I think another guild member said something about getting a rune. The update isn’t here yet so those things shouldn’t be happening.

On my husband’s account, The manna gems no longer have numbers inside the colors (that indicate how many more gems you need to get the spell). This changed mid game - the screen re-drew, and the numbers went poof. He’s also really low level, 30. I watched as he pulled iron keys and the game crashed, not giving him his troops, and the key appeared used. Kind of important when so low leveled. The game’s also crashed on me during an arena match, caused a loss, and booted me out of arena to have to start again. Husband’s account also reset his PVP a day early a couple weeks ago. On the whole, however, I don’t think it’s a problem with the game, I think it’s an issue with XB1, as this is not the only game having a crash fest. I cannot even remember a time on the 360 of crashing multiple, highly different games.