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Game Server Problems (Problem solved now)

For the last few days, I’ve been having problems with this game.
I can’t access my guild and even worse I can’t do anything, it won’t let me play anything (quests, PVP, etc.) everytime I try to go battle I’m stuck with a endless loading screen.
Is it just me or has a lot of other players experiencing this issue?
Can the developers get to the bottom of this & find out why the game has been unplayable for the last few days?
This is from the Xbox One version of the game btw.

UPDATE: The game is working normal now, thanks Infinity Plus 2!

Same issue with me too Xbox…

Time to put this on the shelf a bit.

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i have had this same issue since the xbox updated. Please fix.

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No prob here xbox also

@ColonielZoland88 what Guild are you in?

Still same issue.

I forgot the guild name sadly.