Ps4 and xbox one connection problems

Hi hope someone can help.

I am at level 130+ on ps4, and for 2 days am getting an error 503. Opened a ticket and the agent said he will pass to the Dev.

Downloaded the game for my xbox one to start afresh until the ps4 is fixed, and I am getting a connection to server error,

Is there any fix for either console, especially the ps4 as the Guild I am a member off must be peeved with me!!

Thank you in advance

Hey @anon61833105,

Is it possible to post a screenshot (or video) with the error on both consoles?

We have been investigating this issue, but it seems there may be an issue which has occurred after our server migrations which we are attempting to resolve. Any more information about this problem will help immensely.

Here is my SS. I keep getting these errors.

Xbox one

Here’s another one.

This is occurring a whole lot on everything.

Whenever you back out of a screen to collecting things from the mail. Also after a PVP match. Xbox one

You get this loading circle and then the error message. I hit retry a few times and eventually have to hit quit and get returned to the main menu.

I have the same issue. I’ve been playing it on the phone on and off for a while now and barely found out it’s on PS4. But when I try to play it I get an unknown error 503, or that I can’t connect to the server and to try again later, but no matter how much I wait or how many times I re-download the game (12 times total), I always get the errors.

@Genesis - Can I confirm what the 503 error actually displays? Does it display “Unknown Error 503”, or something else? A screenshot of this would really help us narrow down what the issue is.

@MrsAffects - Do these errors come up intermittently for a certain amount of time, then start working again? We have been experiencing some issues with the mail system on Console and I’ve checked your profile and should no longer be having this issue. We will continue to investigate this issue, thanks for the screenshots!

When I do receive this error, I have to quit because connecting back to the server never works. Once I get to the home screen, the game starts to load and the loading bar will pause and the error code is received. It takes up to a minute to log into the game because you have to quit out of the loading screen as well. I can say this much, once you receive the error you will receive it for an amount of time not intermittent. I hope that helps.

It’s still an issue.

For the first five minutes for the last five hours, timeouts to the server but wait three to five minutes and hit retry a successful log in each time. I hope this helps. @GoldPhoenix0

i started having same issue, super frustrating experience.

@devs - anything on the fix?

@MrsAffects - thanks for the tip, will try. is the workaround for ps4 or xbox?

This topic is from last year and no longer applies.

Date 22/2/18

Server still having connection issues on ps4!! Have been trying for last hour to get on this game but keeps coming up with error!! How long till this will be sorted??