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GW issue...again

Was playing GW this morning. After finishing 2nd match the 3rd match was loading and really quckly it froze then popped up a fast error code then logged me completely out if the game. Of course when I logged back in I had a loss. This has happened multiple times to me. The last time I logged a support ticket I was told that nothing could be done and that the error was on my side as I lost connection to the server. Why is I dont have this connection to the server issue in any other game modes but GW? I recorded video of what happened but the code flashes so quick. It started with CLIFF- then a bunch of numbers

Just seen the vid in the club, full code is CLIFFYH3WWEZC8B3
All I can say is unlucky yet again bud🙁

This is difficult because there is no way they could allow you to replay a battle if the game “crashes” or you have “internet issues”. Players would abuse the almighty h&11 out of it if their battle didn’t go perfectly.

Unfortunately, the solution is to create a bug free stable game. And even games that cost hundreds of millions to produce and years of development have issues.

BTW GW issues has personally happened to me 10-15x over the life of GW, so I do sympathize.

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I guess that’s the thing. I understand there are issues and I know from Destiny PVP people exploit connection issues, but when i dont even make it to the match and there is video evidence it becomes more convoluted. The fact it doesnt happen in in other game mode for me makes it even more frustrating because these issues affect my entire guild and not just me if I were just in normal PVP. I’m sorry you have had similar issues as well