Tribute Bug Fix

Oh dear. Clearly this was an important matter to fix…


You’re very good at both of those, so it would be a tough ask for maths to be better!


Petra, your math is at least better than mine, and a big chance that it is better than a few others on these boards also.


Thanks for the correction. My old formula only calculate on pure addition of base glory, not the correct keep-adding-up formula you wrote. I know something is wrong when Salty mention rounding up/down which is not existed on my formula at all.

Anyway, I have a headache now trying to understand it all. I’ll let people who are better at math than me handling it next time. :joy:

Edit : on the second thought, there might be something wrong with your formula. I used to be a student chosen for competition about Excel program in high school. But now, I don’t even know how to duplicate the simple formula about how old tribute is calculated. T^T

Edit 2 Now, i think your formula might be all correct, sorry… I really need to stop thinking about this and let it go now. :sweat_smile:

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@Eika that is actually the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

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For the record, your math is great and all correct. But +2/+4/+6/+7/rounding are coming out of nowhere with no explanation, so I try to explain it myself.

But now that I do it, I fully understand why you leave that part out. It’s too complex to explain in a few sentences without getting even more confusing. So, I’m sorry for questioning your decision.

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Thank you so much @TimeKnight. I did my best to explain this as eloquently (and concisely) as possible.

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But math(s) is fun! :stuck_out_tongue: :relaxed:

Old tribute = [(20 x 1.1 + 20)1.1 + 20] x 1.1

First tribute is 20.

10% of 20 is 2 <-------- (+2 glory)
20 + 2 = 22
22 + 20 = 42

10% of 42 is 4.2 <-------- (+4.2 glory)
42 + 4.2 = 46.2
46.2 + 20 = 66.2

10% of 66.2 is 6.62 <-------- (+6.62 glory)
66.2 + 6.62 = 72.82

GoW used Rounding! It’s super-effective!

Tribute fainted.


Thanks, Jonathan. It all makes sense now. Fit Saltypetra’s comment about rounding as well. Great job coming up with the formula before this post explaining it even existed. So awesome!!

Also, I didn’t expect the most spooky thing in Halloween to be not ghost, but complicated math. :rofl:

So, tonight, my plan to spook myself is not just watching horror movie now, but include making a formula to calculate the cost of upgrading Treasure Hoard in any point, to predict gold requirements in customized multiple upgrades. Stay tune! ^^

Edit : Halloween’s math ghost is proving to be much more scary than I thought, so it take me 2 night to deal with it. But it was defeated now, and the result is available here!


Unlike some ghosts, math don’t kill…oh wait, it actually kills sometimes… :thinking:

If my engineering and virology friends can be trusted, math kills all the time. Usually when wielded by people who don’t respect it, and so misuse it.


Credit goes to @Fourdottwoone:

See also (Fixed/not a bug) Huge reduction in gold, souls and glory received from tributes and The Mystery of the Amazing Tribute.

I just wrote it out for someone else to understand
in the 4.1 Patch Notes :stuck_out_tongue:.

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So let me get this straight:

  1. Complicated tribute math bug that gives us more stuff than you wanted, that’s worth taking however long this took to deal with. Long time to fix, hurts players.

  2. Changing 50 gems to 1 gem or 24 hours to 1 hour, simple matter of changing a single number in the code and updating a graphic or just telling us the graphics don’t match. Short time to fix, helps players and makes us happier. (Talking about Hero Class change cost, for anyone under a pile of rocks.)

The first one you do, but the second one you leave alone. Classic dev priorities stereotype I was hoping not to apply here.


If my guess is correct, your option 1 was a one-line change to the code: instead of “loop over tribute, multiplying by 1.1 each time”, it’s now “loop over tribute, multiplying by 1.1 at the end”. Your option 2, again as a guess, is also a 1-line change. Thus my suspicion that non-code factors are preventing the latter change.


Until the publisher raised concerns about players getting too many free resources. A “bug” that exists for 2 years shouldn’t be considered a “bug” anymore. Cause this was a huge nerf. “Bug” fixes are supposed to be included in the patch notes. Not posted a week after the fact. After forums members noticed the change.
If I was too state that the “bug” sounds like BS to me… Then surely It’ll be answered by all sort of dev supporters who believe they are infallible. So let’s save our selves the drama and avoid that debate.
Yet, make this clear. Trust doesn’t just apply to wording or intent. But very much also actions and reliability. Tributes seems like such a basic function to the game. Can we trust anything to work right? Or for that matter, trust that anything is actually working right?
If the devs want us to have less resources from tributes then it’s whatever. To say it’s a “bug” feels like a PR move to hopefully prevent too much back lash from a Nerf. Instead, due to the wording of the OP, I feel like nothing in the game can be trusted to work correctly.


every single part of this game seems to be bugged. i’m really sick of it and cant understand how the people making this game are aparently ok with it.


@Saltypatra Thanks for posting about this. It’s a shame that the community had to report it before you publicised the change. Are there any other changes that were left out of the patch notes that you could share with us here?


So there’s a major nerf to the speed at which we generate glory, and it’s handled not by notifying us ahead of time, but instead by flatly denying it when the user base asks about it. Then it’s presented as a bug fix as if we aren’t owed an apology.

Fine, it’s a bug fix. Sure, it’s been that way for two years, and at this point you’d think it was a settled thing. If you’re going to radically change something like this, some notice is mandatory. This game is all about making decisions on how you spend your resources, and I spent my glory right before the 4.1 nerf because I had no reason to believe I wasn’t going to be accumulating it at the same speed I have been for the past two years.

I spent 180,000 glory to make a run at getting one of the four mythics I’m missing. I could do that because I generate enough glory to still have the resources I need to get the next legendary to mythic by the time it releases. Now I can’t, and I would never have spent that resource on a high-risk proposition like that if I’d known glory was about to be THREE TIMES MORE VALUABLE than it was. The absurd denial that it had even been done was a real treat, by the way. Thanks for that.


Welcome to how I spent my Gems before the Nerf and introduction of the Sinks.

Sucks to be us, huh?

I think it should have been left as-is. It sounds like a very complicated bit of legacy code that could cause a lot of other problems in the system. Like, have you considered this could be why Zuul’Goth can activate twice on one turn?