Tribute Bug Fix

“This change is now live.”

Technically true, but remarkably disingenuous. This change has been live since 4.1, as we pointed out to you and you (Kafka, technically) flatly denied.

I’m not sure if this is a sign of incompetence or mendacity, but this post, without even a nod to the previous discussion on this topic, is poor form.


To be fair, they cold say that it took enough time to be changed with none or minimal issues… I think Zuul spell was is an issue related to Scorpius change since both troops have Destroy effects but one of them received a change to cast multiple times and it might have “leaked” into the other.

if i were to get a glory gnome per hour now that this has happened i wouldnt care as much,which in my mind is most likely the reason for pretending the way tributes have been for 2yrs was a bug…lmao


Claiming it was an intentional bug fix lmao.