Tribute Bug Fix

Ahoy, adventurers! We have fixed a bug that was running amok in our tributes system.

In the past, the guild statue bonus was cumulatively applying to tributes. This means that if you got an extra 10% on the 20 glory contributed by Whitehelm, the game was giving you an additional 10% to the total amount of glory received for tribute overall. This means that instead of only applying to the tribute from one kingdom, the game was awarding the bonus percentage across the tribute as a whole.

For example, if you had 3 tributes of 20 glory, instead of gaining 6 glory (+2 glory from each tribute being +10%), you were getting +2, then +4, then +7 (or +6, depending on the rounding), giving you a total of 72/73, instead of 66. We have now fixed this, and the guild statue bonus will be applying to tribute as originally intended. (And correctly!)

This change is now live. :slight_smile:


Interesting way of explaining away a nerf.


Is this live as in now? Or as in 4.1 and it was a bug fix that wasnt realised to be a bug?

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Ditto on this?

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But wait!


Bug fix that was beneficial to the player base, so of course we did not have to wait till the next update to get it “fixed”.


Um…from what I understand, the tribute bugs have been going for at least 2 years, and just get fixed a week ago by 4.1 update.

So, this one is not about “beneficial bugs get fixed fast” at all.


So, given that neither Kafka nor Nimhain knew about this change, do the devs now understand how this fix made it into the code and why it wasn’t included in the patch notes? (Not asking for the full story. But Kafka sure came away with egg on her face, through no fault of her own.)


As per Smash, the wording here makes it sound as though this is something that was just fixed now, and unrelated to the 4.1 update - however the post linked by AlphaNate shows that it seems to have been in effect since 4.1 went live, intentionally or not.

If this is the case, then it seems a little strange and disconcerting to not have it worded as such, and I much prefer the transparent and thorough explanations we normally get re: bugs.

I’m okay with the change, personally, and okay with the definition of a bug fix as changing something that wasn’t intended, and a nerf as changing something that was, to be less powerful.


A. i said nothing about it being fast. Its about not waiting for an update to send the fix out.

B, was it fixed in 4.1? or is this the thing that I downloaded. last night/this morning whenever it was.

If it came out with the 4.1 update, then I will retract my statement, Do not think it was though.

If it was in the 4.1 update, it should have been in the patch notes, not a message that does not make it very clear several days later

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This change to tributes has been live since 4.1 was released. See the discussion in the thread linked above.

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The one that says they did not change tributes? Nah I will take your word for it :slight_smile:

Sorry for my original comment then, Seemed like it was a new thing.


So let me get this straight. Nothing whatsoever had changed to tribute until now even though it was blatantly obvious it had since the update patch? :joy:



As devs have said in the past, not all updates can be pushed fast. Things that require a simple change on the backend, eg server, can be done.

But things that require a change in the client, cant always be pushed out straight away, due to issues with different platforms and how each handle patches and updates. Because each platform is now on the same version, updates to some and not others causes issues and complaints on its own, therefore keeping everything the same and fixing it when all are updated is the safest method for the devs.

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I’m not sure how to interprete this whether it was internal mis-communication or a breach of trust with the community…


Also, just my opinion to clarify a bit about main post.

Saltypetra said nothing about the fix happening just now. She just said “we have fixed a bug”, so it can be any time. Based on available information, it’s probably mean since 4.1 update happened. The phase “is now live” can also mean it’s just in effect at the moment, not just right now for the first time. Very court-room method wording…

She likely just make this explanation post to explain about the confusion of large player base considered tribute change. Simply saying “we nerf tribute” would get them so much heat. (or even death threats…)

But personally, it’s not even a nerf at all, it’s a fix. We have been getting much more resources than we intended to for years now, so finally getting what is supposed to be at last couldn’t be that bad. About why the fix is happening in 4.1 though? I’m not sure, and it’s not a great topic to discuss anyway.

Also, the main thing us End Gamer want from tribute is gems, which is not changed in anyway. Next best thing is glory, with will just affect players who buy Event Keys by it for quickly ascent new Legendary troop to Mythic. There would still be enough to Mythic’ed new glory troops. Gold and souls are so common, we could get it faster by just playing anyway.

so … less resources …got it … or " the correct amount of resources" however you wanna spin it . Doesn’t sound like this was a positive change for the players .


Also, Saltypetra’s example is kinda confusing. Here is what I understand…

Getting 20 glory tribute 3 times

20 + 20 + 20
—(10% bonus)—>
(20×3) + (20×10% + 42×10% + 66×10%)
= 60 + (2 + 4 + 6) *rounding 6.6 down to just 6
= 60 + 12
= 72 glory

Getting 20 glory tribute 3 times

20 + 20 + 20
—(10% bonus)—>
(20x3) + [(20×10%) + (20×10%)+ (20×10%)]
= 60 + (2+2+2)
= 60 + 6
= 66 glory.

Kinda needlessly complex pre-fix, right? And could explain why getting 900+ glory is possible in that pre-fix exponential formula. It’s better to understand now with new intended system.

Edit : fixed wrong formula. Dividing to get each 10% is so terrible. Why would I keep doing math when I’m so bad at it? :sweat_smile:

I like the way I wrote it better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (different amounts, though, obviously:

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Look, we all know maths isn’t my strongest point. I’m better at the tappy tappy typey typey and making increasingly awful jokes on stream.