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Understanding tribute

Hi guys,

I’m trying to figure out how tribute works. I’m a bit stumped.

Since I know there are some current issues with reporting tribute - at least for gold - I just jot down my levels of gold, glory, and souls before collecting my income, and after. As a sample, just now I collected:

1081 gold, 321 of which came from my income, leaving 760 from tribute.
24 glory
121 souls

The problem with that is:

All of my kingdoms have gold tribute values that are multiples of 25, so no combination of my kingdoms adds up to 760.
All of my kingdoms have soul tribute values that are multiples of 2, so no combination of my kingdoms adds up to 121.

Trying to factor in any combination of my various multipliers (armor, VIP, guild) doesn’t make it work either.

So… help? I thought tribute was an all-or-nothing thing; if I have a 10% tribute chance to get 100 gold, then 10% of the thime I’ll get 100 gold, and 90% of the time I’ll get nothing. But it doesn’t seem to be working that way?

Your guild statues give bonuses to both tribute chance and tribute amount, so you need to factor those in as well. You can check them from the main guild page, then by clicking on the statues.

Edit: Oh sorry, you mentioned that you already considered VIP, guild and armor bonuses… Though the way you’re talking about it makes me think that it probably IS the guild bonuses that you’re not counting.



I tried taking into account the 30% souls guild bonus that I see when I click the little heart under my name that brings up the “My bonuses” window. That seems to be the purple statue bonus for my guild. But there seems to be a separate 6% tribute amount bonus from the yellow statue that isn’t counted there? I wonder if that multiplies with the other, or adds? Also a +1 glory bonus from the brown statue, that may or may not apply?

I tried seeing if that extra 1.06 accounted for the difference in gold, either alone or in combination with my armour and/or VIP bonuses, but it doesn’t seem to work out right. I’ll keep poking at it; thanks for the pointer!

@Stan was talking about the Guild statue bonuses for Red (+Tribute chance) and Yellow (+Tribute Amount). With a level 100 red statue, your kingdoms go from having a 10% chance to a 16% chance. This won’t make a value difference, just means you get more tributes at a time usually.

The yellow statue can give a 10% bonus when above level 100. So your bonus may be something like 6% or 8% (depending on your yellow statue) which would cause 100 gold from a kingdom to become 106 or 108 gold. This is how you get off the multiples of 25.

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I had a single-kingdom tribute last night, which makes some things a little easier to see. Unfortunately, it was for Sunstone, so there was no gold, but I can see that there was no effective bonus to souls; my base for Sunstone is 8, and I got 8. What that means is that I definitely was not getting the armour bonus (75%) nor the purple statue bonus (30%). I might still be getting the 6% tribute bonus for the yellow statue, just because 8 * 1.06 = 8.48, which rounds down to 8.

Doesn’t really explain the gold coming in at 760 though. If I’m getting 760 out, the only viable answers for how I get there from a power of 25 are:

1.17 * 650 = 760.5
1.52 * 500 = 760
1.60 * 475 = 760
1.69 * 450 = 760.5
1.90 * 400 = 760
(and a few others that seem too ludicrously high to be plausible…) I can’t figure out how I’d get to any of those multipliers from my 6% yellow statue bonus in combination with… anything.

Your armor bonus, difficulty bonus, and purple statue bonus have no affect on tribute. The only statues that affect tributes are red and yellow. What you have written for your yellow statue bonus is correct. You got an extra 6%, it just was rounded down.

As for the 760 gold, since you didn’t get any gold from Suncrest, then all the gold is just from your hourly rate. Completing kingdom questlines, as well as owning kingdoms increases the amount of gold you earn per hour. Mine is 381/hour so I would see 760 gold if I didn’t claim tribute for 2 hours. The red and yellow statues don’t affect this number as it is not a tribute from a kingdom, but merely income.


Ah no; sorry, I didn’t explain that well.

Last night I got a Suncrest-only tribute with 0 gold that now makes reasonable sense to me.

Yesterday - and farther up the post thread - I got a completely separate tribute, from multiple kingdoms, that came to 760 gold after I removed the hourly income. That’s the one I can’t explain, given that the brown statue multiplier (1.06, in my case) is the only thing that apparently should affect it.