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Single kingdom tribute amount wrong

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I expected my tribute to match the amount the kingdom says.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Get a single tribute to confirm results.

Ok, as an end-gamer, I got the very rare one tribute. My question is… can anyone help me understand it? The 10% guild bonus seems to work but no glory at all?



Now, that’s weird. I’ll pay attention to this moving forward. Hopefully I can’t test it for a while!

Hmm… I just so happened to have a single tribute screen up on an alt account when I saw this thread. Sure enough, no glory, despite the kingdom giving glory:



So it may be a global issue with all single tributes. The question is whether or not it is a display error or we are actually not getting the glory.

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I have the same problem. First I was suspicious, recently started to catch screenshots. Tribute reward from Wild Plains should have in my case 50 gold and 8 glory, while it shows 0 glory. I’m not sure about gold, still need to make more notes, if it is only visual bug or it really don’t work as intended.

I wonder how screwed up the whole tribute thing really is, if we get the multiple kingdoms pulling are all the numbers adding up right or is that all rng as well?

I thought there was a problem but @Ozball explanation seemed to make sense. But I too have seen 0 on glory when there should have been glory and no extra gold for tribute part. - But mostly tributes with no glory what so ever.

I have a low level xbox account and received a single tribute from Whitehelm today, no glory displayed. No screenshot and I really didn’t pay attention to how much glory I had before tribute to know whether I received it, but this seems to be happening across on at least 2 platforms.

I wonder if this is a display bug with the glory being displayed as zero, but being correctly paid. It seems that the new UI introduced several display bugs of this sort. The alternative (that no glory is being paid) is discouraging. I wonder when the glory calculations last got any attention from the devs.

Not getting the tribute from single kingdom for sure. I started with 191 glory this morning and got tribute single tribute notice and no additional glory added. Going to file this today



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Single tribute, it’s like the negative lottery. Important if you’re a newb though.

1 or 0, or >= mismatches I bet lol

It is a new account (my second) and yes GLORY is the hardest to get.

As it stands I am getting stuff from our statues I can’t even use (shards, diamonds) because I haven’t even gotten to the kingdom to do that quest. (And no way to validate how many are there even as well)

The next question, and one that we’ll never get answered, is whether or not the first tribute rolled always leaves off glory, whether or not you have just one tribute.

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So an update on this, we’ve found the issue behind it, and it is thankfully only a visual problem. When deciding whether to animate the glory count it was checking the wrong value. You should have been receiving your glory from tributes correctly even with only one tribute kingdom. It should also be fixed in the next update.