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The Mystery of the Amazing Tribute

Confession time. I’m getting way higher tribute amounts than expected. I’m in a big guild that has the max extra tribute chance/amount unlocked, the numbers still don’t seem to add up though. Two notable tributes once I really started paying attention:

  • A 6 kingdom tribute that contained more than 500 souls.
  • A 12 kingdom tribute that contained more than 600 souls and more than 200 glory.

Now, at that point I had two kingdoms at seven stars (one being Khaziel), about half at 6 stars (Whitehelm not among them). I don’t see how I could average 80 souls over 6 kingdoms, or 50 souls, 20 glory over 12 kingdoms. Some wild guessing:

  • 6 stars kingdoms actually contribute a much higher tribute amount than listed.
  • The 10% guild bonus counts for each contributing kingdom, so a 6 kingdom tribute receives +60%, a 12 kingdom tribute receives +120%.

Anybody else have similar observations?

These numbers seem normal (I think)…

If Karakoth gives tribute only, and you have triple reward (7 star) and it is your home kingdom, and you have the 10% guild statue uplift, this would be:

48 x 3 x 2 x 1.1 = 316 souls

So the numbers quoted don’t seem unreasonable.

Karakoth base tribute is 50 gold, 2 glory, 24 souls, so at 7 stars, guild bonus and home kingdom set you’d only get 158 souls. My home kingdom is Whitehelm, and the only 7 star kingdom I have that yields souls or glory is Zhul’Kari. The numbers quoted seem very unreasonable to me, taking the six best of my soul tribute kingdoms I can’t get anywhere close to 500 souls. It feels even more unreasonable looking at glory, all my kingdoms combined shouldn’t yield above 200 glory, and yet I got that with less than half of them proccing.

Wait wait so the triple bonus stalks with the double ? it’s not base related ? thus you get 6x the base ? lol. In this case :

Situation A.
-A 6 kingdom tribute that contained more than 500 souls.
-Karakoth -158 souls
-Zhul - 132 souls
Leftover - 210 souls left with 4 kingdoms to go
(Khetar (80) + Blighted (64) + Ghulvania (64) + Grosh (64) ) * 1.1 = 299 souls - so definitely possible

Situation B
-A 12 kingdom tribute that contained more than 600 souls and more than 200 glory.
Assume you have gotten these 3
-Karakoth -158 souls ; 6 glory
-Zhul - 132 souls ; 33 glory
-Whitehelm - 44 glory

Total - 290 souls ; 83 glory - with 9 kingdoms left (just a sketch)
+1 Pan’s Vale => 299 / 101
+2 Khetar => 387 / 101
+3 Wild => 387 / 119
+4 Dragon => 405 / 135
+5 Divinion => 423 / 149
+6 Drifting => 458 / 158
+7 Pridelands => 485 / 168
+8 Grosh => 552 / 172 aprox with 1 kingdom to go

So pretty close, given the current situation. I’d say it’s quite probable if you hit the right combo and maybe you misread something or had another 1-2 7* kingdoms.
*Also my speculations here could probably be better but i’m too lazy.

Maybe an issue with my understanding - perhaps the tributes showing on the tribute page already include the power level based multipliers.

Looking at mine:
Khetar - 120 souls
Ghulvania - 96 souls
Grosh’nak- 90 souls
FoT - 72 souls
Zhul’kari - 60 souls
MoS - 60 souls

So these 6 would produce 498 x 1.1 = 547 souls (before taking into account if any of these were a home kingdom).

Greater than 200 glory is a great result. Highest I’ve had is 186. Got a screenshot?

Only the home kingdom gets the triple and double bonus.

The numbers displayed already include all the multipliers except the guild one. You seem to have all of those kingdoms at 7 stars, so you could definitely get lucky enough with 6 kingdoms for 500 souls. My realm is still firmly stuck in 5 to 6 stars territory, so 500 souls shouldn’t really be possible, especially with Whitehelm as home kingdom.

Unfortunately no. It was quite a bit above 200, I think in the 210 - 220 range.

Going by the displayed numbers, the triple bonus at 7 stars replaces the double bonus at 3 stars. You just get the result doubled in case the kingdom in question is your home kingdom.

Did KAYA update the tribute calculator for the new kingdom and, more importantly, 6 and 7 star kingdoms?

Dont think so. I am not sure if it is worth it, once you get past early game it doesnt seem to really matter. I will try star the glory kingdoms first; not sure if there is a need to plan any more than that?

Guild statue bonuses affect tribute, A yellow statue at level 100 will give a 10% tribute bonus to all categories of tribute. A purple statue at level 100 will give a 50% souls bonus, I didn’t think it applied to tribute souls, but perhaps it does.

With the guild statue bonuses, having any kind of tribute calculator is going to be pretty useless. I might update mine to just help with kingdom power levels, but I’ll wait and see for now.

What effect do they have?

Hell if I know - I play console! I was just seeing @captain_video’s post above and thinking out loud.

Lmao. All I know is there is a lot less resources, never bothered looking into it in any detail as it seemed be released amidst a cloud of uncertainties

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Time for some math and numbers.

First, we need a measurement for tribute, the tribute point. 1 TP = 1 glory = 4 souls = 25 gold. Each kingdom has a base tribute worth 10 TP. For Khaziel its 1025 gold, for Zhul’Kari its 51 glory + 5*4 souls, you get the idea. Base tribute improves to 20 TP at 3 stars, 30 TP at 7 stars. Double the amount for home kingdom.

Second, we need my tribute point capability. I’ve got one 5 star kingdom as home kingdom, that’s one chance at 40 TP. I’ve got three other kingdoms at 7 stars, that’s three chances at 30 TP. The rest is between 3 and 6 stars inclusive, that’s 21 chances at 20 TP.

Third, we need some tribute numbers. I’ve taken note of seven subsequent ones obtained yesterday, pretty close one hour apart. The gold amount already has daily income removed, so this is really pure tribute.

1.) 6 kingdoms, 155 souls, 1295 gold, 84 glory = 174.55 TP
2.) 3 kingdoms, 92 souls, 672 gold, 23 glory = 72.88 TP
3.) 5 kingdoms, 184 souls, 1609 gold, 24 glory = 134.36 TP
4.) 4 kingdoms, 118 souls, 715 gold, 57 glory = 115.1 TP
5.) 6 kingdoms, 277 souls, 1378 gold, 90 glory = 214.37 TP
6.) 9 kingdoms, 378 souls, 2527 gold, 107 glory = 302.58 TP
7.) 5 kingdoms, 197 souls, 1737 gold, 43 glory = 161.73 TP

Now, the highest amount of tribute points I could possibly get with six kingdoms if all stars align is (40 + 30 + 30 + 30 + 20 + 20) * 1.1 (guild statue bonus) = 187 TP. That puts measurement 5 out of bounds, it yielded 214.37 TP. Same applies to measurement 6 with nine kingdoms, the highest possible amount is (40 + 330 + 520) * 1.1 = 253 TP.

Which begs the question, what is going on? I don’t mind the extra presents, it feels a little early for Christmas though.


When you collect a tribute, there is a starting amount of gold (from kingdoms), are you removing this value before you do your TP calculations?

For example, perhaps for the outliers it had been a few hours since you last collected and the pre-gold from kingdoms had increased.

Are you subtracting the gold you got from normal income before the tributes triggered? That would throw off the calculations quite a bit. Also, remember that if you are in a maxed guild, you also have 10% tribute amount bonus from a level 100+ yellow statue. Also, Pridelands has a 11 base TP value, unlike every other kingdom.

Yes, that’s the part where I mention that the daily income has already been removed.

Yes, that’s the 1.1 guild statue bonus multiplier in the formula.

Well spotted. There’s a very ancient bug report for that, so I guess Pridelands will remain the odd one out forever. Doing my calculation, this will in the best case improve one 20 TP tribute to a 22 TP, which still leaves a huge tribute amount unaccounted for.

Yes, the daily income has already been subtracted. Measurements are also all pretty close one hour apart, with the first big daily income one missing, to rule out weird side effects on that account.

If I read you correctly you already have most kingdoms at 7 stars. I’d be interested to see some of your tribute numbers. If those roughly match expectations then the issue might be related to 6 star kingdoms, maybe they somehow provide much more tribute than listed.