Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW (Rebooted)


And this was such a pleasant thread until then…







genuinely love this borb so much omg


Same but don’t say it too loud round here


Thinking that Rakasha and Wargare are eternal enemies, because Rakasha are be cats and Wargare are overgrown dogs.


Getting a new mythic! Scoring 9,500 in guild wars, Or getting at least three copies of a pet I still need, after completing all pet battles! Hmmmm, beating an Uba divine team is high up there, too!

Might have posted too many, but these are among my favorite things!

Oh and getting any orb of Ascension! Yes, that is pretty awesome!


Winning a match with 1 troop and 1 hp left.


The opposite happens too often for me gain joy from that. More shock than happiness that the luck factor sided with me. :grinning:


Logging in, for the first time, on a Monday.


Oooo maybe that can have a lore story that features a Raksha and Wargare falling in love, Romeo and Juliet style!


Lest we not forget


One thing that always makes me happy is just playing the game.


Completing all 8 pet rescue battles with your level 148 account :+1:


Fighting a team of divines and a gnome takes place of Isshbala.


When Valraven casts it’s spell and DOESN’T fly away.


Facing 4x empowered and winning before they get a chance to fire off a single shot.


Stealing all of Psion or Forest Troll’s attack with The Wild Queen.

Webbing Infernus, Dawnbringer, Gorgotha, etc. and then watching them try to cast.

Running a loop team with Magnus until you can hardly tell what the opposing troops are.


Casting Dawnbringer to barrier all troops, then watching Ubastet fire off a blank.


Lets see…

Hitting level 1000 (just did that today)
Having more and more active guild members in my guild.
Seeing Fizzbang and Nobend NOT detonate gems.
When my Kraken comes off his damn diet.
When death mark actually goes off against and enemy troop and not me.
Finally hitting that damned agility troop on the 5th skull match. (20% chance to dodge? Not according to my math it ain’t)


Hearing that GW might be every other week!


Hearing confirmation that it won’t be :+1: