Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW (Rebooted)


Just had this happen. It was pretty funny.


Exploding gems… that’s it. Even if I lose, I just really like exploding gems.


When Elemaugrim reduces your attack by half but you kill her off with skulls anyway


Corollary to this: beating Stonehammer with skulls. While entangled.

Thanks, doomskulls!


Ahem. Beating Eternal Stonehammer with skulls.


Players that have been suspected of cheating for months finally getting banned.


Getting a cascade long enough to get a treasure map, even though I don’t really use my treasure maps.


When you get 4 daily tasks that all give you gems!!


Winning all 5 of my guild wars battles without needing anyone to hold my hand and tell me every move to make.


I must say. Rather than screen sharing or whatever… Why not just do the the matches for them and cut out the middle man? Or woman? Or binary?


And that can all be done with a single fast team!


Accidentally taking your task team into a 3 trophy match and still coming out a winner.


Getting 6 pets from 1 pet rescue.


Killing 450 Bandits with one Ubastet cast. Wait, what do you mean that isn’t supposed to happen?


For me, at this point, any instance of seeing “NEW!” while opening chests…

And, the RNG rewarding me with gem keys for vaults created during Treasure Hunt. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, but the old music used to make me happy. :confused:


Getting a random guild member that actually contributes, unlike the 90% of people that just become inactive after joining.


Getting that one creature you absolutely wanted after what feels like an eternity.


Managing to beat a pvp fight using a team consisting of 4 peasants. (It takes a while :slight_smile:)


Remembering that the Bunni Nog, and the holy symbol weapon are based off the killer rabbit, and the holy hand grenade from Monty Python and The Holy Grail.


when I play Gnomes vs Divine and I win