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Things That Make You Irrationally Angry

So there I am playing through a treasure map. All is going well and I’m down to one turn with no possible 4 or 5 matches available.

So, I make a match. Game Over.

My last match created a few different match 5 scenarios.


Ground rules:

This is not a feedback thread.
This is not for when there is something broken or glitchy.
This is meant to be lighthearted.


I hate when i am on my last troop and see a glimmer of hope and get into a slobber knocker of a fight and then get to to a one on one and think i am going to win until there is only one move left my turn and the board jumbles for my opponent giving him a skull match for game.


Been down to 1 vs 1 sometimes, and often lose those because the enemy get skull drops…


That time when you save your Abhorath from destruction by casting its spell… Only to set up the board for your ennemy to one turn kill him !

That time when I leave a skull match on purpose so the AI wouldn’t break some gem lines I’d set up in advance for a transform all gems of x mana colors spell, only for the AI to match it, get a free extra turn literally fallen from no where (3 gems of the same color falling on another of the same color), and then breaks the line I prepared.
The free skull match isn’t frustrating nor is the extra turn… But my God Damn line, keep your hands off of it damn it !

That time when I didn’t cast Mercy as there were no 4 match available, the ennemy do cast mercy, and, again extra turns just fall from the sky ! Aaaaaand all his units are full mana.

That’s all for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes the Chest RNG can be heartbreaking! I had a bunch of gems saved up so I decided to use the VIP Chests to get enough Psions to make it Mythic. Well out of the 30 chests I got over 20 Dimis and a total of drumroll ONE Psion! Almost 1500 gems down the tubes and I felt like foaming at the the mouth like Cujo. Normally the RNG is much more forgiving to get the featured legendary but man that one gave me fits.


Any, and every, time I use a random Mana generator with the board full of a colour only to watch the game pick every single spot that avoids even a 3-match so I get a grand total of 0 Mana and give the AI about 30 of that color.

That’s why I now won’t attempt to boost a color if the enemy Team has a Troop that can use it. That way when it fails, they get no Mana, just a couple extra turns.


Chose sorcerer class just to unlock priest and realize priest is better than sorcerer. All my souls went into my sorcerer class.

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The fact that i am still missing Infernal King… :wink:

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That moment you have the game won with a transformation and you select the wrong colour and then lose because of it.

Now I know why kids bang their heads on the wall. :smiley:


When I do a quick TH for Glory, so mostly avoid matching brown chests at all and have a 4 or 5 match of them from a cascade when I already got extra turn…

This right here is what tells me its time to put down the game and go do something else for a bit before I hulk smash my phone.

Going to bed at night after farming for Arcane Mountains to fully trait Gob-Chomper and never getting one. Then, waking up and finding your revenge cue is full of goblin teams.

At the time of writing this, I have been defeated twice by goblin teams. Lvl 200+ goblins teams at that.


kid asks if he can play the computer and you say yes after you do a load of clothes and then he starts crying…



Best counter to a Goblin Team is another Goblin Team.

The AI is at a disadvantage because it will kill it’s own chain by matching Skulls, while you are (hopefully) smarter than that and keep the chain alive until you win.

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I refuse to use a goblin team. I have NEVER used a goblin team. Goblins are a handicap. No thanks. I have several teams to combat goblins, but I would rather have a fully traited Gob-Chomper. Much faster option.

Sorry to be off-topic


You actually were unintentionally 100% on-topic.

Goblin Teams make you irrationally angry :wink:


That time when you have two fully leveled and trained (and thus Empowered) Gob Chompers in your lineup and when you fire them off neither of them devours the pesky Goblin it targeted. Of course the board is full of green en red and deprived of yellow and brown.


Very much so! Thank you for not being sensitive. Only my opinion.

Thanks! More Irrational Anger to look forward too.

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I have nothing to be offended about. I’m just talking general strategy without bias.

I hate Goblin Teams myself and only use them for repeating Challenges for farming purposes. I love my Main Team for PvP because it’s a powerhouse bruiser.

What exactly do you hate about Goblin Teams?

The extra turn mostly, the board seems to favor them as well, and the low mana cost. Just an annoying ensemble that is too good (IMO). You can use them at any level and excel. That’s why I think they’re a handicap.

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