Things that make you angry while playing GoW


There has to be an angry thread to restore the balance to Krystara.

When you decide to finally get the 2 major orbs in Bounty and they turn out to be major orbs of growth. :rage:



When it comes to Bounties/Invasions/Raids I so often losses the matches that has a Valraven in them, and often when I win those matches the Valraven flies away. So annoying there is no words…



Getting new content that is 100% useless after 1 week.



When I get a new mythic with little resources and then some of my guild mates burn through all of theirs and still come up empty handed.



When every. single. game. you play for at least a week the AI averages at least 4 free turns per turn, and you get 3-matches.




Used to love it at start (that wasnt so long ago either) cuz i was able to see and try troopa i didnt had.

Now turned into a utterly megahard waste of time (opponents with +9 weapons lol? while my prismatic orb that’s +7 when doing arena is +0 lmao).

Today got a daily “10 gems x 8 wins in 1 arena”, well, the devs can shove those gems you know where :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps: even though i only named arena +1 to all other reply’s too (Lvl 750+ now and never got any mythic from anything :P), however kinda found a “solution” for pretty much everything but arena hehe

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Goblin teams. Freaking Goblin teams. Goblins are horrible. I want to play a game not watch the board blow up for 4 minuets straight hearing that annoying “Whizbang!”.

Did I mention that I hate Goblin teams? Cause I do. A lot.



Bug/guild wars. Bugs and crashes that cost you points that have a detrimental effect on the guild



These at least can be used for Zull’Goth, Major Orbs of Clans on the other hand…

What annoys me in general are the presence of so many poor designs for troops or imcomplete works which keeps piling up as time goes.



I will trade your clan orbs for my growth orbs All. Day. Long. Clan orbs are the equivalent of 15 or 75 gem keys - what’s not to like?



Finding a non meta team in PvP and feeling a sigh of relief and then losing to the team :neutral_face:



When I could have used a Hero’s class which would have perfectly counter a GW team, but I won’t because of the 50-gems fee…



I guess it’s sort of a “First world problems”, but when you have everything but Zuul’Goth (and the Pet gnome) even an Orb of Growth helps a little towards a full collection. And i would take your offer if trade was possible.



I’m just tired of:

  • the AI sneaking in and taking the extra turns meant for me when I make 4 or 5-Gem matches.
  • the AI taking extra turns after it makes 3-gem matches.

These happen in PvP and Explore (the two areas I mainly play). I wasn’t even frozen or anything when they happened. These things have cost me battles, especially when I ended up being only one turn away from winning.

I’ve only been playing the game for just under 6 months and I’m already sick of it.



When people have nothing more important going on, so the whine about a match 3 gem game :wink:



Playing Raid Boss.
Playing Invasion.
Playing Bounty.
Playing Class Events.



This thing that loops for 5 minutes gaining 500 health and can’t be drained


Of course everytime I cast her she gives the ai all the extra turns



Working as intended.
:wink: :laughing:
I share the feeling, it’s just too risky to use in the current game state.



“The game is becoming too boring for me. Just the same shit over and over.” - member on the verge of quitting the game.
“Well maybe the next update will pull you back in. And make the game more exciting for you.” - me
“When is the next update?” - member
“Idk, let me see if I can find out.” - me
“We think it’s best not give exact dates for patches since they could be delayed.” - the devs
“Okay I’m quitting the game then.” - now former member of my guild and game.

End scene



Growth orbs are definitely the worst orbs to get. The thing is you need an equal amount of growth as ascension orbs to craft 1 orb of power. So even if you have 20+ major orb of growth (like I have) it doesn’t mean squat if you only have 2 major orbs of ascension. You can’t craft an orb of power. This is the situation of the vast majority of players due to green orb droprate of approx 35% while blue only at 15%. Not to mention the stupid guaranteed green orb in raid /invasion rewards. I don’t know how anyone could value a green orb over a purple.