Things that make you angry while playing GoW


I’ve got in the habit of doing like @Tacet and use the orb of growth when leveling from 19 to 20. It’s the only real value at that point. For any player.


As i said, Zull’boy is the only thing i’m missing that can be achieved with any orbs, but the clan ones… It would be fine for me to have Orbs of Clans as a reward in future guild-oriented events, but also not included in the pool of possible orbs you can get in Orbs of Chaos.

When it comes to that, overabundance of some resources, not even the Orbs of Wisdom are good. I’m not comparing any orb with the rarest orbs (Ascension) i’m just saying that for the purpose of crafting Zull’Goth the Orb of Clans have zero value in any possible stage of the game. Just for the sake of crafting Zull.

I don’t have 20+ Major Orbs of Growth, yet, so if it was possible i would trade my Orbs of Clans. Later when i have enough of it i’m sure i would be equally disappointed by getting any of those, or even the Orbs of Wisdom that are already piling up in my case.


6 months make you already an old veteran, just checking ps4 achievs we can see only 1,8% of ppls lasted enough to get past lvl 250 and those that got past lvl 500 drop to 0,9%.

That in a game where leveling is superfast (i got 50 lvls just spamming explore to unlock TWO traits on the great maw lol) aswell as superuseless ( seen after a while masteries barely change the % and you get 1 skill point every 250 lvls or so).

But well, it’s not all black and there’s good sides too, like, it’s a free game and…Well, it’s a free game is enough for now :stuck_out_tongue:

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What gets me upset is that they have tried hard to add interest to the game, but now the game malfunctions in so many ways so often (many listed above) that you would be emailing them dozens of times a day to report and claim mistreatment by the game. Particularly is the constant malfunction of winning a battle and not being credited for it in a game that requires earning or buying signals. They take the signal, you don’t get credit for the win, and you run out of them prematurely.


Is that a spoiler Tacet :wink:?


What makes me slightly frustrated is the way class are handled in the game.
I mean, you should be able to choose the class you want to use in a particular team. It should not have repercussion in any other build you are using.
And in correlation with that, you should remove the 50 gems fee. Make it gold if you want, or anything, but not gems.


Tasks that can’t be completed. I got this one today:

Rerolled it and got the same damn task. Guess this is a first world problem, but I have every troop except Zuul and everything is already mythic. Is this thing ever going to go away?


After giving up rolling Infernus from keys / seals, waiting patiently for a month to craft him in the soulforge and obtaining another copy from glory keys the week after. (True story) :joy:


Opening 1000 glory chests for half of them to be extremely bad rares/ultra rares. Oh, I can’t forget also getting a really bad legendary like Carnex on top of it.

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  • Skull cascades that kill your entire team.

  • Goblins, all of them

  • Infernus, and Ubastet

  • and the vengeful potato monster.


When you finally get time to play the game and this happens.

The lag. The horror! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage::joy::rofl:

Oh well. :man_shrugging:. Lag happens. Lol.

  • Offense comments in the chat that are directed at everyone.

  • Stuck being forced to fight the meta in all 3 fight.:-1:

  • Older players lashing out at New players for asking reasonable questions.


When my level up colors are all the same and I have to pick one that is equal already. :joy:


That’s a shame, if possible always suggest people to seek out the forums for help, at least here we have a healthier community generally speaking and in the worst case moderators to watch out for trouble.


Remember when Valravens were exciting to see? Now seeing them means prolonging my boredom.


Actually just made a post about it :joy: but playing this game for months and not pulling mythics


Sir Gwayne summoning 3 peasants. There’s no better way to win a fight than to use angry people with pitchforks.:+1:


95% of the time converting gems only sets the a.i. Up to extra turn their entire team but rarely ever missing when they use the same troops


When you’re gold-farming Firebomb teams on Warlord IV with your Cedric/Merchant team and one of the Firebombs becomes a Gnome.

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I’m inclined to think 3 Innkeepers is worse.