Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW


One of the most satisfying moves in GoW is definitely when you strip a Paladin of a big chunk of armour just before he can cast his spell.

Feel free to add your own below!

Its the little things
Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW (Rebooted)

Seeing legendaries and arcanes show up in chests and after battles. I don’t care if it’s a repeat, we’ve all seen how many duplicates we need.


Casting Spring Imp to Entangle the enemy when Bone Dragon and Sheggra are both ready to cast… in succession… and do nothing…


Being stuck in my spell combo, I make a 3-match and get an extra turn through lucky cascades, wich unlocks whatever prevented my combo from going (wether it was having to align the right gems correctly or simply getting some mana back on one particular unit)


Doing challenges to farm those last two arcane stones I need to trait out a troop for days with no success and then getting them from two pvp’s back to back.


To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women. :wink:
Getting the last troop you miss from a kingdom out of a glory key you got from treasure hunting.


Casting a spell which does damage to all enemy troops and killing the entire enemy team in one shot


Yes, that is very satisfying… especially when it’s Crimson Bat and all enemies still have their shining armour intact…


When anything levels up and becomes stronger. I’m serious. BAM and that green arrow pointing up… can’t enjoy anything more.


Immediately after the start of the match being able to cast Mercy’s spell to get 24 yellow mana to set up Great Maw. It happens quite regularly too… :smiley:


That moment when you have more than 449 gems, but before you buy those keys.


That first time you collect your kingdom loot for the day and you watch the goodies add up. Double bonus when you get multiple tributes. Triple bonus when one of the tributes is your home kingdom.


That moment when you drop one of the few troops you’re missing in a glory key. (I hope you’re reading this Dokkalfar!)


Being in a good guild…It’s the only constant in the game.


Playing a 20 minute game of gems and not killing the last troop by accident (giant spider) to net 10 maps!


This thread is awesome!

For content: When you get one of those crazy cascades where its just the same 3-4 gems that drop that keep the cascade going.


When you literally one turn kill an enemy team because gems just keep falling in all the right places, and you feel unstoppable even though you didn’t really do anything yourself.


This is truly one of my favorites! I love my entangle deck!

Here are some of mine:

Devouring a fully traited celestasia

Having the gems fall just right in a goblin match to destroy the whole team in 2-3 turns.

Killing off an enemy troop right before he can cat his spell.

Using Psion to stop an enemy team that has all it’s spells ready.


Starting the match with a 5-match of the color your Team is built around. Kickstarts endless chain and you win on the first turn.

Makes me feel all giddy and :smiling_imp: at the same time.


2x ANYTHING week lol