Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW (Rebooted)


I feel like it’s time for a new thread about things that make you irrationally happy in Gems of War - those things that should be only mildly pleasing but become a real thrill in context. :yum:

I thought about necroing the original thread but many of the posts won’t make sense to players who never played before 2.0 :smirk:

I’ll start…

Getting the task “Win 10 battles using 4 unique troops of the same colour” in Guild War week. :smile:


Getting a super active guild when just starting out


Entering the troop menu without lagging. XD


Getting a pet rescue for Lucky and now Kit Sith


Switching Class for free to test a new GW build.


When you can do all 4 daily tasks with 1 team.


Getting a slow-mo kill to win the game.

(When life stealing traits kill the last troop the game drops down to 1x speed for some reason. I’ve seen it happen with Yao guai, famine, and assassin life-syphon talent. It makes it feel like a bad-ass finishing move!)


Pulling a Mythic on a single gem key.


Rolling the dice by using King Bloodhammer against 4x Fire Bomb


Getting that bingo! Ups i meant major blue orb


Getting Mythic troops with guild keys.


Should these responses be realistically achievable too? :rofl:


30-0 in Guild Wars


Getting your second mythic immediately after crafting your first one.:grinning:


Forgetting that I didn’t spend any guild keys the week before and then having a good bit of guild keys for mythic week. (still didn’t get the new mythic though)


Being able to complete 3 or 4 daily tasks with one team build. :heart_eyes_cat: :tada:


Getting more than 1 pet in pet rescue rewards at the end of 8+ fights.


Resigning yourself to losing a match when on your last troop, taking the only 3 gem match available on the board, and hoorah a 4 gem match and cascade falls from the heavens, powering up your troop to make one last cast to win you the match!


When your GW match counts as a win and doesn’t say server error straight after the match!


Getting a mythic that you actually need from a legendary task!