Things that make you irrationally happy playing GoW (Rebooted)


Getting a mythic ingot from an actual battle, or a vault key from a treasure gnome. Somebody stop me now…


Not going to start a copy cat thread. But since this just happened I thought it was worth sharing…
The thing that makes me most irrationally UNhappy… Pet Gnomes on Wednesdays.


Defeating a opponent who has 3000 more team power than your own.


I remember those days. Courtesy of Great Maw.


Facing a green defence team in GW that ISN’T goblins!


Kruarg actually devouring on skull damage, like the great maw used to.


None of the of three pvp fights have Ubastet and/or infernus on them.:grin:


Finding that last 5-match or 4-match needed to give you a perfect increment of 10 turns during a Treasure Hunt event week. No wasted turns! :sunglasses:


Murdering Ishbaala with Khorvash!:smiling_imp:

…errr… I mean… getting a Snow Bunny event. Yeah, that.:rabbit: Bunnies. Just cute bunnies.


Signing into Gems to find that there is just barely enough time to finish an existing Pet Event, then getting another one shortly after that one finishes. It’s like a two-for-one.


Being annoyed that you got a Pet Gnome during a Vault Event, only to find that he gave you a Vault Key anyway.


Converting red to doomskulls and killing Infernus, Usbastet and Ishbaala In one cast. Feels like using their own power against them. Ha! Take that, divine scum!


Stopped the FOMO (Fear of Missing out) and the FEAR (False evidence as truth) anxiety and just enjoying the fact I can play the game without it crashing.


Accidentally hitting the World Chat only to find that (FOR ONCE) there’s not obscene or toxic cursing at one another.


Completing the last daily task seconds before reset.


Opening your raid rewards to find 3 out of 4 orbs are ascension


Finally getting your very first legendary to mythic with all of its traits.


Telling a friend/guild member that you don’t have a specific pet/troop, but when you take the time to look you find it almost immediately.:sweat_smile:


Having Ishbalaa being replaced by a gnome when fighting any of the various meta combinations.


+1 to this!!!