Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


A girl’s best friend! You sure got a lot of friends there…


But square cut or pear shaped
Those rocks won’t lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl’s best friends


Being a VIP of a high enough level that:

  • All troops start at level 15, meaning that even if i did have troops that need leveled, every major orb of growth is 3/4 wasted.

  • Gain +100% gold, but having almost every 3 trophy battle offer less than 1000 gold as a reward at the end of the week (aka I feel throttled to offset my VIP bonus).

Also stolen extra turns and denied mana during raid and invasion. This happens frequently enough, and after all the whirly hypnosis traits animations resolve, that i also see it as throttling (at the very least, not being a priority fix makes it look like throttling per se).


Forgetting to do dungeons. 100% my fault but still really annoys me.


Pulling 7 mythics but no Wrath :neutral_face:. Wait till next week. Mainly glory keys and seals.


Does that invoke your Wrath?



Hell of a drop rate you got going on devs. 🤦


Having the daily task to use 30 glory keys when our only option is to use 1 or 50. Get rid of this stupid task already or bring back the option to open 10 at a time.


Having to open tens of thousands of keys, 200 AT A TIME!!! :rage:


Lol good thing we don’t have to open them 50 at a time… that’d be awful…


I’m with you


When you have another gems player in the house that has to rub all their good fortune in your face.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


ShimrraStrategic Mastermind


Lol good thing we don’t have to open them 50 at a time… that’d be awful…

It would be worst if you could only use 1 key at a time.


Well if you have more important things going on why are you here?


He’s here because he has more important things to do, like whine about people who whine about playing match 3 games. Duh.


Using over 700 event keys and still miss one copy of Pride to ascend it:

Oh and the “Carpal tunnel syndrome minigame” to buy events keys is also very… tiresome.


The second troop’s reaction when it has plenty of health left after Ubastet’s spell, but he Insta-kills it anyways.


In GW and PvP: The feeling when you use an exploder and you get zero extra turns (90% of the time you wont get an extra turn from them nowadays), but then the board is ready for CPU to pump up 2-3 of their troops and crush you. This is extremely annoying.



All the crybabies in this game!
Nerf Infernus, he’s too powerful.
Nerf Ubastet, he’s too powerful.
PvP is too hard.
GW is too hard.
etc. etc. etc.

I have a great idea, why don’t we nerf crybabies for crying too much!


Agree with you. And one thread voting should nerf Ubastat or not. Most people chosen Not. Then Ubastat got nerfed. Great work!

Instead of nerf OP, they should Buff the troop never used.