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People Who Do Not Like PvP in GoW

This post is not meant to be snarky of flaming, or anything else negative. I am curious why some people have an aversion to pvp. In my head it just doesn’t make sense and i wish to understand.

I don’t have negative thoughts toward pvp, but I do understand. For me pvp does get boring after a bit, that’s why I’m glad the devs put in other things like explore, treasure maps, etc. The reason pvp gets boring to me, is usually you’re fighting a lot of the same people and troops. It’s good to switch it up.


A few reasons why people wouldn’t like PvP:

  • Redundant opponents
  • Stale meta teams from attempting to maximize Return on Investment
  • Supported by the previous reason: burnout
  • Intimidation of a Leaderboard
  • Lackluster rewards from topping the Leaderboard weekly
  • Below average soul gains
  • Below average EXP gains
  • Grueling opponent stats from having multiple kingdoms 5-starred

That being said, it is, bar-none, the best place to earn gold and arguably the best place to earn glory through gameplay (excluding key drops and post level 1,000 promotion bonuses).

Eh, I still play it a good amount, but not nearly as much as I used to.


Probably because you have to face really annoying teams. A lot of times the same team. Little variety at end game from what I’ve heard and somewhat experienced myself.

It gets irritating to constantly play against mana drains or one shot famines and manticores


I am hearing lots of good reasons why pvp is annoying, but don’t get the sense that any of you hate pvp so much you refuse to do it. I have had 2 of these such people in my guild before and saw a 3rd on the forums recently. It almost makes me wonder if they think the other players can razz them verbally when they beat them or if their army just performs that badly.

Well I don’t hate pvp at all, and I make sure to at least get to rank 1 (tier 1? I get the terms confused) every week. Since the update I am trying to get 1,500 seals by pvp so I can get more gold for the guild rather than through other faster methods.

I don’t particularly like it sometimes because it gets frustrating due to how annoying pvp is.

It’s not fun to face 2 famines and a manticore and spirit fox. It’s annoying. Usually not too difficult to beat unless you aren’t using a counter or the famine gets its mana quicker than you can counter it… But the point is that it’s frustrating and not fun.

In a game, people usually don’t do things that they don’t find fun. And if they refuse to pvp because the meta is frustrating… Then they have every right to.

Edit: Plus it gets really repetitive because again people use the same defenses. That severely limits what cards you can use, and people can get bored of using the same team over and over again. You could pick one of the lower options… But then you get less rewards to where it’s almost not even worth it.

Anyways, it’s probably not so much that people hate pvp rather they get frustrated with the annoyances of pvp.

I like the pvp in this game, but I have to echo the irritation of the repetition of opponents. IN one night I often see the same 10-20 opponents over and over again. I would think with thousands of players I should see more variation.


It could just be the fact that it’s called PVP - some people just aren’t into PVP.

Persaonally, in 95% of games I’ve ever played, I haven’t enjoyed PVP. It’s just not for everyone. So for a long time I just ignored that aspect of the game, just as I do in almost every game I play.

Once I finally checked it out, I saw that it was the same as the PVE modes - just against teams other players created. It was still pretty boring to me, but worth it to get to Tier 1 each week for the daily rewards. Then 2.0 arrived, and with it a horrifying addiction…

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When I started playing this game (a long time ago), I didn’t like playing PvP at all. The very idea of playing against other people’s teams felt scary and unpleasant, and I believe it would have been even worse if PvP leaderboards existed at the time.

Instead, I liked to think of the game as just a single player game, and enjoyed playing quests and challenges (there wasn’t much else back then). It took me months to warm up to PvP and start playing it regularly.


I’ve played PVP for a long time, but I’ve quitted it in favor of doing explore mode. Why?

  • More variety. I face a lot more than 15 troops/players
  • The Ability to play on higher difficulties. Warlord IV makes every troop dangerous.
  • Higher chance for rarer traitstones.

For me reasons enough to continue playing like this.


I used to play PVP a ton before the new PVP mode, now I’m faced with teams that take forever to beat, or I simply do not have the cards to counter.

So I’ll play the weak guys a bunch and maybe use a few gems to skip, but its just not exciting to play the same teams over and over. I prefer the quicker matches. So now I play probably 80% of the time on explore or quests/challenges (if any). I play this game in short bursts of time and rarely have 20 minutes to do a long PVP match for minimal rewards in my eyes.

If your not in the major guilds getting all the extra keys/bonuses then you most likely don’t play PVP very much as its not very fair. Sure its fair in the aspect of everyone can join those guilds, but not everyone can do what is required to be in those guilds.

After hundreds of glory, gem, event, vip and other keys, I have still yet to pull 1 Mythic troop from them. while I see level 20’s with a few of them. Very discouraging. Here I am at almost level 400 and still missing tons of cards.

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Calling out to @LegendMaker to speak here?

When I find PvP growing stale it’s definitely from facing the same teams too regularly, especially because the teams are frequently designed to be annoying. I don’t play Explore Mode much since it’s inefficient for Gold/Seals, but when I do the variety is very welcome.


My reason is the teams are the same. There is no originality in the teams to play against for the most part. I’m not here to have some pompous inflated ego need. I am here because I got bored playing Gummies and tired of most games that have 1 way through them. There are some cool teams but I’m tired of goblins. I’m very tired of Maw/Mab/The 4 horsemen.

I use PvP not to actually do anything but gain gold. And then I go back to kingdoms and play in explore mode.

Btw I fell in love with the diversity of the game, the creativity of the challenges (and the silliness of the challenges/kingdoms) and the fun of making different teams to do different things.

Second problem with PVP, even if you have the identical team defending your kingdom - you end up loosing more than you win.

Now with the new guild system to really get anywhere I either sacrifice my principle and make a ‘pvp’ team of goblins or whatnot to kick ass each day to get 12-15k gold a day so I can get nifty more and fun stuff, or I just keep playing the way I am.

I guess what it boils down to is everyone has fun in their own way. I am level 180 and perhaps in another 200 levels I will hate pvp too.

What I enjoy is theory crafting. My general week goes grind pvp to rank 1 (gives me about 700 seals contribution to the guild plus gold) and then I fiddle with my armies looking for new combinations. The testing usually starts out on explore mode, then moves to pvp for the real testing. A good example of this is I just changed my army up and am now using Jarl***, Sheggra**, Herdmaster***, Soothsayer***. Now I am not saying that I am the only person to use this combination or even remotely original, but I can definitely say the team is effective and outside of the meta. Yesterday I was trying to find a quality “explode team” and was using Herdmaster, Maralith, Soothsayer, and Crimson Bat. Again, not original I am sure, but I enjoyed it because I “discovered it” without copying someone else.

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I’m bored of PvP and looking for a guild with gold requirements ~200k and I’m willing to join a low seal requirement like around 300 seals per week.

I’m just soooooo bored of PvP, once I got bored I just can’t come back to PvP I just hate it so much, argh why am I playing this game lol!

PS: I’m on mobile platform

I know people fought me on this previously, but the data @Sirrian shared bears this out too. There’s really only 2-4 teams everyone plays at each stage of play. Defense in particular is tough b/c it encourages obnoxious teams (Goblins early, Knights mid, and Famine, Khorv, Manticore, Spirit Fox late).

I believe there was talk of introducing a system where you would be rewarded for using defense teams that aren’t the flavor of the month. Until that happens, I really don’t see the situation changing much.

The most we can hope for is that they buff old troops to make them more interesting while also introducing new, interesting troops so at least offense doesn’t get super stale. That’s the bigger problem I’ve run into recently: Only a couple of my teams can consistently win against the FotM defensive meta, so I end up being pigeonholed as well.

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PVP has gotten more interesting for me since the update because it has given me access to a wider range of Guild rewards for my gold. I like the variety of rewards, even if there isn’t a large variety of experience in the battles themselves.

That being said, I’m level 900 and by no means am I seeing the same teams over and over. Sure, there’s a group of troops I see consistently but the list really isn’t small at all. In the last 3 days of PVP I’ve seen the following troops enough times to recall them from memory:

Amira, Behemoth, Bone Dragon, Crimson Bat, Death, Deep Borer, Draakulis, Emperor Khorvash, Famine, Giant Spider, Gorgotha, Imp of Love, Infernal King, Lady Anariel, Manticore, Mercy, Moloch, Plague, Psion, Queen Mab, Sheggra, Soothsayer, Spirit Fox, Sylvanimora, The Great Maw, Valkyrie, and War.

As you can imagine, the combinations of those troops varies wildly. Other than facing the same PLAYER twice, I haven’t faced any single combination of troops more than a few times.

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I don’t like that its called PVP, when it’s really PVE with a player selected enemy team. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I enjoy PVP in moderation, but I hate how forced it is. By the time I reach rank 1 each week, I am ready to play a different mode. However, I can’t do so because I still need to hit my guilds minimum trophy requirements. Since no other mode but PVP and Arena grant trophies, I am stuck playing PVP long after I am tired of it.