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About the new arena

Oooooooooooooooooh boy …
The arena wasn’t the best part of GoW but since the new update it is definitely the worst …
No Hero anymore? Why is that? Afraid players might win to easily?
Rewards at the end? To cry for :sob:
Toop choice? Pitiful at best.
At the end, after an endless six fights, an offer for some jewels for and :poop:load of gems? Ok I know you dev’s are making it a pay to win game but seriously??? You really think you are doing long time players a favor with all this rubbish???
I’m playing this game since the beginning and I’ve seen many changes, some were better than others but in the category total BS this latest update is at the top.
Sorry dev’s but this time you really mishit the ball … very badly :sob: :sob:
If you dev’s want to loose more long time players just continue this way and you’ll succeed to loose a lot of them :unamused:


I can’t muster the energy to leave constructive feedback. It’s just total garbage. The troop selection just mocks me by being able to not revise the first once I’ve seen the offer for the last. I’m not sure I could make myself play this even for an imperial deed.


They took one of my favorite game modes and turned it into utter garbage. I’m so angry I’m this close to walking away from the game.


I was afraid of this. My thought is folks do not want to collect weapons then be told they are not to be used. We had the game without weapons for the first 2/3 years and now they want us to go back to that game. No!


just crap. Slow and boring without hero.


This mode is suppose to encourage players to find “good” troop combinations. Im not against that idea at all. It boggles me how anyone then can think that NOT being able to pick and choose from the entire pool is a good ide in this regard. We have 3x4 troops to select from. In its current state you have to be enormously lucky to pick troops that form a good unit. Team building is down to Rng only as you have no idea what the next set of troops will bring to the team.
I now “have” to play this mode 3 times a day in order for not to miss out on a potential imperial deed. And after 3 runs this morning im already fuming that the good choice of epic troop was entirely mana blocked on all 3 occasions.


You can change team order after picking the epic, move it to the front if you wish. What I don’t understand is why we can’t revisit our troop choices in this same screen where we can reorder troops.

FYI devs, taking out the hero and changing rewards does not constitute a rework.


thx, that makes it better. But otherwise my point was exactly what you described, im just bad at expressing myself lol

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I thought arena was due improvements not a downgrade?


that’s the new definiton of improvement = downgrade :wink:


Instead of a carrot, you now get the stick.


Only good thing about these arena extra offers is that you can get offered a pet offer from finishing arena 5/6 wins = faster to get them to mythic.

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I have a question, someone probably have already did the count. How many arena do you need for take 8 chaos orb? Normaly in weekend event you take 4 orb from new delve, 5 orb plus an great orb invasion, tons orb whit 2 great orb from bounty etc… At the moment I’ve understand the weekend event rotation is now 6 weeks, not 5 weeks. So if you dont play tons arena in the new weekeend event, you take less orb, in a year. Or i wrong?

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I didn’t play Arena before (unless forced to by a Campaign)

I’m even less likely to play it now…


If you’re going to mock one of the best MtG formats, you should also borrow one hint or two about how to make it a great experience for players.

  1. Introduce legendaries (with possibily a little chance for mythics) into the pool, and make them the FIRST choice. This is the troop players will build the team around. Then proceed in order of decreasing rarity.

  2. Allow the players to choose at least 6 troops, forming a little sideboard, to change team composition and better adapt to the enemy team. This will allow some powerful but more specialized troops to see some play, instead of being constantly ruled out due to scarce flexibility.

  3. Consider enabling the usage of traits, weapons and classes, unlocking them all for all players, to give this mode even more tactical depth.


nobody knows because prices of rewards aren’t showed yet,
we will know that during the first arena weekend (which might be this week, if devs want to show up new feature)

Games menu>Bounty shows “Hunt again in 1d 20h”. Nope, not this weekend

it might as well get changed tomorrow to show up next week :wink:
but i guess it depends from troop-release plans…

After we spend day and night upgrading our troops? What make the devs think that we really want to play with untrait, un level, no bonus random troops?


Great work Devs! Pat yourself on the back. You finally got me to not buy the pass. I hate the stupid arena. I’m not spending gems to skip it. You ruined a already hated mode. It’s now so bad it’s going to be hard to keep folks from hanging up the game. I am no longer going to be forced into playing a game mode I do not like or cough up a bunch of gems because it seems I guess that’s the reason the change was made so folks will get mad and just spend the gems to skip it. In reality what will happen is folks will just skip the campaign instead and keep the money in their wallet. If you had done nothing in 2020 it would be an improvement over this nonsense. Take the stupid arena out of campaign if you want me to buy it at all!!! I will no longer do Arrna! It’s boring! It’s random! It’s not for me! The weapons are the only thing that made it bearable. No one wants to go back and play the game from when we first started playing with untraited troops. Not what folks spent hours and hours training their troops so they can spend weekend playing with them with no traits. Goodness.