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About the new arena

the first arena weekend is the 30th october

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This is total garbage. Why developers do something opposite of what everyone was wishing for !.
Arena was bad and now it is even worse. Hate it. Most of my friends are going to skip any arena event.


I like the idea of showing 12 random troops and we can choose one from each row. Also, guild seals should match time input.

Otherwise, not a chance in krystara i’ll be playing arena. Watching my son grind through lower levels on 1x speed was painful enough. Hoping to get lucky just to get the hell done with an arena run is akin to gaming torture.


I don’t like piling on the Dev’s but this arena update is a train wreck inside a dumpster fire. Just abhorrent :frowning: please change it to anything else asap!


I unfortunately woke up with that realization as well. 🤦


It is just a way for the devs to get us to pay 100 gems to skip the arena in the campaign!!!

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Has anyone actually gotten an imperial deed offer yet? The patch notes say there are no VIP exclusive offers with arena. Did they remove the offers entirely or just the VIP restriction?

There was never a VIP restriction on Imperials. They’re just rarely in the left slots.

Two of my guildmates have bought Imperials after Arena runs, but I’ve only ever seen normal deeds, myself.

Yep, they gave u the finger for asking an upgrade.
And btw, i dont play this crap for these cheap @ss rewards

Well I’m in the definite minority. I finished all my hero classes so I don’t need the class XP. I really miss using some of these old troops and it’s nice to have them available with no hero to worry about (no dawnbreaker!) and find out which ones still hold up against newer troops. I actually can’t stop playing arena, but that is probably because I’ve been doing nothing but explore lately and PVP is pretty much dead to me from being overplayed.


Am I the only one who would MUCH prefer drafted battles in Arena but with STRONG troops? I think it would be a blast to draft up a team of good troops and be able to see them all so I can make combinations I haven’t used before.

With weak rarity, low levels, and no traits on troops, Arena is… not so fun.

Epic troops are already stressing the mode with some overpowered choices. If you mean including even stronger (higher rarity) troops, it may grief a lot more people.
It takes a full deck to counter all sorts of builds in PvP, and that’s with foreknowledge (scouting) of the opponent’s team. Occasionally but infrequently, the current new arena already throws up pre-built teams that you know will not end well. Traits… ugh.

Let’s see how having a Legendary feels with the upcoming Arena event with Spooky Imp. But even that’s watered down due to most of its power being in its traits.

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I dunno, I think stronger troops would be a blast. No scouting, no copy/paste teams, no teams specifically designed to obliterate a certain setup. It all depends on luck of the draft and your team synergy.

It would be better than this gosh-awful grindfest of the most dull troops in the game, at any rate.

It could also give newbies a taste of Legendaries and Mythics they want to chase :wink:

Hmmm … umm… ::deep cleansing breath:; ok. NO DAWNBRINGER!. Wait… pause… get Zen… I’m so so trying to see your side. I’m a positive person. But omg! There are a metric crapload of groovy weapons. Granted… granted… some are a little better than others.

At least one of those better than others is a gimme.

So to negate DB which was so incredibly beatable by anyone with a pulse… we have to deal with a total rando dumpster fire of doom? That was harsh. I’m sorry. But omg! The AI teams play… umm in a challenged capacity? I’ve been playing arena and loving it for a long time… way before I got DN.

Now it is a heaping pile of crap that no one would play unless they had to. Thanks?


Old arena was basically hero v hero. The other troops were so outclassed they didn’t matter. It was an easy game mode to win and that made it boring. Then they removed class XP and that made it pointless. These recent changes are not perfect, but what I know is I pulled in 5k trophies from arena alone last week and it didn’t feel like a grind. Not 1 of my decks were a repeat either. There is a lot more they can do, and I hope they’re not done with the changes. We’ll see.


a small QoL to this mode would include seeing all 12 troops you’re allowed to pick from before you pick up at least 1…
another QoL thing would be, that after losing a battle, you are allowed to replace a troop with another one, drafted from 3 new ones of the same rarity…

@Kafka, @Saltypatra i know there are steams were you ask people for such ideas of improvements, but not everyone can join streams (like me), and forum is the only place i can share the ideas, if you dont mind i will @ you whenever there’s a feedback/QoL (hope i wont overdue and you wont be spammed with @ messages)

As promised yesterday, here is the guide to Arena Events