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Arena Event Quick Reference Guide

I have created a quick reference guide for the new Arena Events. This isn’t a full guide about how to play arena, as that is covered by the official zendesk but the basic information you need to understand how the Arena Event.

Please note that the Arena Event tracker will be hidden by any active pet rescue (same as Gnome Tracker) :expressionless: so you will need to clear the full pet rescue, claim the pet rewards and restart Gems of War


Thanks for the reference table!

I thought it was repeatedly stated that each cycle through the rewards would cost the same amount - ie, orb 2 would come at twice the cumulative valor of orb 1. Am I crazy or was there a last minute design change?


was wondering why I couldnt see the arena of valor. good ole pet rescues…


I’m afraid not. It’s gone live pretty much exactly as we tested it. I’m sorry it’s like this but at least you can look at exactly how much Valor you will need and then see if you want to join in with it or how much play time you will need to devote to it.

I actually really used to like Arena when I was a newer player but I just can’t justify the time input for even 1 orb of Chaos.

Good luck to everyone taking part, I wish you great luck with finding decent teams and easy oppositions!


Looks like for me it will be: hit 1st writs rewards and go do other stuff…

Hm, ok. Guess I’ll ignore it, then.

While I’m here, here’s a list of some extremely strong arena troops to watch out for, mostly stolen from the other thread:

Flesh Golem
Royal Engineer
Griff Stonefeather
Midge Swarm

This is a great list. Please come back to this thread and add more troops as you find them!

I’ll start by thanking I+2 and 505 for this new mode.
Today could have arrived without it, but it is here and it has the mode for those who wish to play it (and get the rewards, however few or much). Detractors can leave it well alone.

For reference, in terms of time you need to spend:
(time under 5 hours rounded UP to nearest 1/2 hour, after that it’s rounded UP to nearest hour)

Text-table format
                   Cumulative   6-win      Total Hours Needed
Reward             Valor        Runs       @ x minutes per run
                   Required     Needed     15m      10m       6m
3 Gem Keys              45        0.9      0.5      0.5      0.5
1000 Jewel Shards      135        2.7      1.0      0.5      0.5
2 Event Keys           270        5.4      1.5      1.0      1.0
60 Writs               450        9.0      2.5      1.5      1.0
1 Orb of Chaos         675       13.5      3.5      2.5      1.5
-------------- set 1 completed ---------------------------------
3 Gem Keys             945       18.9        5      3.5      2.0
1000 Jewel Shards     1260       25.2        7      4.5      3.0
2 Event Keys          1620       32.4        9        6      3.5
60 Writs              2025       40.5       11        7      4.5
1 Orb of Chaos        2475       49.5       13        9        5
-------------- set 2 completed ---------------------------------
3 Gem Keys            2970       59.4       15       10        6
1000 Jewel Shards     3510       70.2       18       12        8
2 Event Keys          4095       81.9       21       14        9
60 Writs              4725       94.5       24       16       10
1 Orb of Chaos        5400      108.0       27       18       11
-------------- set 3 completed ---------------------------------
3 Gem Keys            6120      122.4       31       21       13
1000 Jewel Shards     6885      137.7       35       23       14
2 Event Keys          7695      153.9       39       26       16
60 Writs              8550      171.0       43       29       18
1 Orb of Chaos        9450      189.0       48       32       19
-------------- set 4 completed ---------------------------------
3 Gem Keys           10395      207.9       52       35       21
1000 Jewel Shards    11385      227.7       57       38       23
2 Event Keys         12420      248.4       63       42       25
60 Writs             13500      270.0       68       45       27
1 Orb of Chaos       14625      292.5       74       49       30
-------------- set 5 completed ---------------------------------
3 Gem Keys           15795      315.9       79       53       32
1000 Jewel Shards    17010      340.2       86       57       35
2 Event Keys         18270      365.4       92       61       37
60 Writs             19575      391.5       98       66       40
1 Orb of Chaos       20925      418.5      105       70       42
-------------- set 6 completed ---------------------------------

Could you post a screenshot of your chart for mobile users as this is how it reads for me on mobile :sob:!

Screenshot_20201014-083751_Samsung Internet|243x500

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I had to turn my phone to landscape mode, and the table juuust barely fit.

Thanks for pointing that out - converted to image.

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Add Vlad the Unsated to the list -> steals life boosted by his life.

he can 1shot most of troops (stealing 11 life with his 1st cast: 6life +5 bonus), and if he’s able to cast 2nd time without taking damage (another 14-15 life stolen), he will 1shot any arena troop. not mentioning at this point it’s quite big life heap to deal with…

Thanks @cyberkiwi, your times look about right. I started about 2pm Yesterday and stopped for a couple of hours when the kids got in from school, and also created the guide and I finished at 9pm :rofl: but that was with loosing 3 runs because of crazy strong enemy teams. So 5hrs to 1 orb of chaos whilst making the guide at the same time.

Troops I’ve used with some success

Rock Worm

Ice Worm


Midge Swarm

Gnoll (Any of the troops that deal triple damage to x colour)

Blade Dancer and Nax were a decent combo

So basically, this is the illusion of being a replayable event…

Yes, the rewards are repeatable, but the amount of time needed is so absurd that its pointless…

Not only that, the rewards don’t even scale with the time commitment.

imagine spending 6 hours to get 3 gem keys.
or even…
imagine spending 2 hours to get 3 gem keys even…

I legitimately wonder, do the devs actively hate their player base?

People are already under the assumption of why bother?
After testing it today, and then seeing the Vault Event on Friday… they’re really not going to bother in the future.


Absurd and pointless yes ; valor is mutton dressed up as lamb. Indigestible gaming. The time and effort input is currently ridiculous in the arena. The new design is beyond shameful inept gaming. An aspect of the game to be avoided unless you actually have endless time to kill. Genuinely endless time to kill.


I should have probably asked this before I said anything, but are the hours needed cumulative for all runs or each task its own additional x hours? I’m playing as I read the chart and hope I read it wrong as I’m feeling fatigue from doing these Arena runs (already)

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Total Hours Needed = Cumulative hours required


Ok, here’s my refferance:

i’ll do 3x 5/6 wins arena runs to get my daily extra shop deals, this should result in ~21 5/6win games weekly, which translates somewhere near the 18.5 6xwin arena runs.
so most cases i will just do my daily chores and grab 1 set + 3 gem keys… on top of doing what i intend to do attracted by the extra daily offers bait.

looks good for me… it’s even less time of doing Arena than i supposed i’ll do… :smile:

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I hope they fix this. I usually have the weekly pet event maxed already and it’s such a waste of time to clear it just to be able to track this.

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