Please, for the love of bacon, give me another way to use orbs

I know, another “I hate my giant pile of growth orbs” post…

But seriously, i just “won” a major orb of growth and 3 small orbs of growth. I get it, RNG. fine, whatever. But if you are going to bombard me with the stuff, can i please have some way to use it? I have nothing to level. I have millions of souls. Can i please sell this back to you somehow? Even trade it for gold at a terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad exchange rate?

Please don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but there comes a point for all players that an orb of growth isn’t a reward anymore. A best, it’s a letdown, and worst, it’s kind of a slap in the face.

So can i get rid of these piles of orbs somehow, please?


You could take them to the Global Bank of Zaejin, convert them into Orc’oin, and drop them into their slot machines. If only such a place existed…


I feel your pain.

:frowning: so many

The rule for Gems of War is be careful what you wish for.
They may implement things like requiring 30 Major Ascension orbs (as a whole) to unlock LT for your guild (weekly).


I agree with the sentiment but this is my least favorite comment.

I do believe you, the devs don’t tend to give without taking. It’s worth a chuckle to point it out when it happens. But I also don’t want to sit down and live with parts of the game I think are bad because I’m worried they’ll get worse if I ask for something better.

It’s the devs’ job to have a vision for the game and make that vision happen. Their secondary job is to make sure players are having fun. If we’re at the point where they can only make their vision happen by making it not fun for me, I’d rather they rip the band-aid off so I don’t waste another year on the game.

“Sit back and take it” is what you do when you need GoW more than it needs you. We don’t need GoW, it needs us.


I feel your pain.

Do you just upgrade to Major Orbs to use souls and free up slots in your inventory?

Consider using major orbs of growth on new troops to "save: souls for the troop upgrades - since that appears to require more souls to than anyone has
Of course you wont have the tokens needed to upgrade troops and require the souls… But that is another problem


Stupid orbs like growth being the majority is by design, as Sirrian said during the last dev Q&A.
Though he wasn’t against the idea of using them to gain hero xp, I doubt that will ever happen.

“Players were asking for something useful to spend their Orbs of Growth on. We are happy to announce that starting with the next update, unlocking hero class talents will require an Orb of Growth (for the next talent) or a Major Orb of Growth (for all remaining talents). In order to be fair to all players, hero class talents will all be set to locked, so everybody needs to unlock them. Please note that you still need to reach appropriate class levels to actually use the talents.”

Disclaimer: This is entirely made up, no need to panic, even though it sounds scarily believable.

Also something to do with extra ingots would be nice.

I upgrade everything but ascension orbs. The rest are pretty useless to me.


Still happy with my blues…I have crafted Zuul and using one blue per week for bounty/ event troops/ new legendary!


Funny how are orb count is so similar. I’ve Zuul as well, and use minor blues the same as you do.
I did major orb 5 gnomes to mythic. Swimming in event keys now that I use a minor blue once a month.

Growth 149
major Growth 60
Ascension 17
Major Ascension 4
Wisdom 117
Major Wisdom 28

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I got 3 major orbs of growth in a row over the gnome weekend, and today I received another one. I also just got two orbs of growth from the faction assault. The disparity in usefulness of orbs is absolutely brutal and killing my enjoyment of the game. Allowing us to just spend them on class exp seems like the easiest fix.