I have nothing left to accomplish in this game, no changes could be made to benefit me, but here I am... Still chewing out the developers and publisher who SHOULD know a lot better than me. 😀

This was originally a comment in reply to me having a bunch of keys. But it quickly evolved into a rant. At this point if you continue reading this thread. You simply cannot complain about me complaining. Because you are now choosing to read something that is loaded with opinion based complaints. So if you don’t like to read or hear others complain then practice some self control and move on. For those over 30, you could call this as “A letter to the editor”.

(The photo was meant to be a smart ass reply but could be taken as a brag post… I’m okay with that.)

Try having all those keys but being 1 short for a year of having all the troops in the game because Chaos Orbs don’t give a frank how many LT your guild does, how active you are individually, or how wise you are about how hoarding keys. (Or more importantly since I want this went forwarded to the puppet master @505, how much money I’ve spent on the game). Power Orbs are entirely different story, every person who earned them 100% did so by I’m investing time and gems. I could never do a guild event (except the first 4 stages of Raids since the rewards are locked behind the completion of 10? Battles, supposedly they get mailed to you at the end of the week if you don’t unlock them but it’s never worked like that) , get chaos orbs every 3 out of 4 weeks. Never do an individual event. And yet still craft Zuul’Goth if chaos orbs deem me lucky enough. That’s entirely possible and entirely bull shit @Sirrian. I no longer have to receive the gutt punch on a weekly basis that orbs like wisdom and growth gave me. Doesn’t mean I’m quick to forget the year long mental beating that I’ve endured. And I’m not the only one. The guild events were supposed to make the game more fun, but chaos orbs ruined it. I 100% believe the drop rate in veteran players can be blamed on the orbs. Not the gem to win mechanics. Because minus first place. You still have 99 people who did gem to win and instead they got zilch for a 24 hour, 72 hour, or 168 hour venture. No one in this world likes being under paid or under valued. More often that not, that’s what Chaos Orbs cause. And if when employee or customer feel under valued, they won’t be with the company for much longer.
So what’s my solution? Easy…I already made it a feature request. Let us use orbs to craft other orbs. Secondly, make the top 100 in any event except pvp (minus first place) a guaranteed Ascension orb. You can add a chaos orb into the mix as well if you want to keep them relevant.
Now to 505, the chainer of Sirrian, you may not know it. But “games with service” like Gems of War. Puts you into the service industry. Much like owning a restaurant would. And like a restaurant, there’s multiple variables that factor into a customer’s experience. Too many to list and should be fairly obvious to anyone above 18 in age. But basically, they can all be summed up into, are your customers satisfied? I don’t care what the numbers say. I don’t care what the revenue says. And I don’t care what the excuses are. Your customers ARE NOT satisfied. We don’t need additional content. We need the current content to constantly actually work bug free and without crashing. We don’t need more troops. We need useful troops or quirky ones. We don’t need new weapons. We need old weapons to repeat in availability at LEAST once a year. You can sell those weapons for straight up cash… No I’m not going to spend $50 on a useless pet. But $50 for a weapon that would make my experience more SATISFACTORY on a daily basis. Hell yes I’d buy, so long as I have a guarantee it won’t be available for free within a year.
Your leaderboard rewards need to actually be rewarding. 95% of those on a leaderboard (besides PvP) are end gamers. Growth and Wisdom Orbs are useless to end Gamers. Therefore, stay with me here, they are NOT rewarding. It’s like I mow your lawn for a reward. The reward is a chocolate cookie. But unfortunately, in this scenario, I’m allergic to chocolate cookies. Though, at least in this scenario, I can give the chocolate cookie to someone else. I can’t give my useless orb collection to those who need it.
PvP scoring system is not something I can even discuss with you. That’s how upset I am about it. At this time I can’t even formulate the words to address the topic in a respectful way. Basically, there’s 3 levels of trophy options for everyone regardless of level or guild activity. The same should be true for the ability the earn PvP points, 3 levels of different point options that are the same for everyone regardless of level or guild activity.
And finally, bug reports… players should be compensated with gems any time they report an unknown bug. This won’t hurt your bottom line. This will increase it due to that magic word… satisfaction.
I beg of you. Please don’t confuse the influx in revenue with validation that all the changes the past 20 months are home runs. You could making a lot more long term income if you did a better job of listening to your customer base. (not just me) The current model is unsustainable. You’re currently treating GoW like a short stock. Get what you can out of it without any actual 5 year plan. If I’m wrong, be sure to tell me that 5 years from now if you don’t make drastic changes to the game. There’s absolutely no reason that Gems of War can’t be like World of Warcraft as a long term game with service. Unless of course, 505 is an inferior company to Blizzard who once upon a time was a small company as well.
And for the devs (the true ending of this rant as if you unlocked the true ending of a game by getting it this far.) If Infinity Plus 2 is making a profit. If Sirrian has paid enough blood back to you. Then please allow them to hire more staff because though not a single one ever complains about it. My spidey senses indicate that they are short staffed. They need 4 more spots, we can settle for 2, even just 1 would be a huge load off of everyone else. Please.
I don’t have a Master’s Degree in Business Finances. I am not a coder. And I don’t have any more access to what’s going on behind the scenes than any normal player. In fact I had some credentials taken away from me for “reasons” that have clearly hurt the game more than helped. That may sound cocky or arrogant, but let a dev who knows how much I do behind the scenes, tell me I’m wrong. :grinning: My point is, every single thing is opinion based and I can be completely wrong. Despite of how my words can be read… I mean no offense or attitude. My writing is so (hopefully) you read this short-ish novel and not fall asleep half way through. I am an investor in this game though. More important than money… My time. I can’t continue to enjoy this game for years without enough money is made to keep the servers on and game getting fresh content. The amount of players coming in isn’t keeping pace with the ones exiting. That will have to hurt revenue down the road. I am saying something now, before it’s too late. I see the iceberg even though your captain can’t. Humor me by swerving a little the left and giving that a try. Or keep doing what you’re doing… But only one of us can be right in 5 years. Google is going to drive a lot of publishers out of business. Don’t be one of them. Focus on satisfaction to retain players loyalty before you eventually have no choice but to add a monthly service charge to stay in business. Thank you for your time. :grinning:


I agree about the Orbs, been on GOW since day one (for PS4 that is) and have experienced all of the past updates and never really had any problems with them (well, old UI and card borders is still missed, but that’s another story) anyway, like you stated the Orbs have been out well over a year, yet I only have 3 Power orbs, i don’t have time to play an event leaderboard for 1st place, nor am I lucky with getting blue orbs from Guild events. I’ll probably never get Zuul with the current way the game is set up.



Ok, I did though :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah ‘GoW2’ isn’t working.

I doubt it will survive much longer, new players can’t get all the cool stuff that veterans have. Veterans are bored because there is nothing else to achieve so they quit.


I actually agree with a lot of points, here!

I think this also applies not just to the Chaos Orbs on Leaderboards, but to PvP points, old weapons, and now to Switch players as well!

Despite the fact that Potions and the upcoming Epic Battles make it possible for lower level players to compete on Leaderboards by spending money, I either don’t think it will happen (much, at all) or think that it would make more sense for those players to purchase an Orb of Wisdom in a Flash Offer or Souls in the Shop if they need to level troops (i.e. there are already options available, such that the option of Growth or Wisdom orbs from Leaderboard events is unnecessary).

Relevant analogue: class change fee.

I feel this in my spidey senses, too!

This concerns me as well :+1:

I’m grateful for you sharing your thoughts!


The devs want to make the game for everyone; the publishers want to make the game for the publishers and new player experience and dangling cash buys.

The problem is that the game has clearly gone way beyond the kind of “mobile freemium” phase that would justify* the choices the publishers are making. This game has extreme long-term player-retaining viability and they should be treating it appropriately. I’m quite sure that’s what the devs want to do.

(* From a business perspective, not a moral one.Calling a spade a spade, publishers do not have our best interests at heart.)


I was informed by an auto bot that I should edit my OP because it’s offensive. If someone wants to educate me on what’s offensive about it. I’m all ears. Or in this case eyes I guess.

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Sent you a private message awryan

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Yeah so never in 30+ years have I heard of dogging I actually called it female that instead of using an offensive term like bitching 🤦…I guess that’s What get for being clever. Is the word Frank still okay to say?

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Has the world made chewing still okay to say? Lol
In all seriousness I appreciate the education @esslee. This is a global game so folks of all cultures should be able to read without seeing offensive terms. I just hope others in the future will bother to explain why a post was or could be flagged. Rather than just flagging it. :grinning:

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Way to go forums. Now I’m mad @noob… Of all the times he had my back and corrected me. He dropped the ball this time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After all the times you yourself have taken the time to post “LOL at complaining about people complaining” you have no leg to stand on.

I have 2 legs to stand on.
I am warning people that is topic is just one big long complaint. So if they continue to read the post. Then they can’t complain about me complaining.

I guess it was too difficult to include the clarification in the quote though.

See we all can miss quote people. 🤷

Furthermore, yeah I’m entertained when people complain about complaining. Which I don’t do at any point in the thread.

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Well i dont have much to add. I dont like where the game is heading either

I’ll DM you to avoid further misunderstandings.

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I really have to wonder why I’m still playing this shitty game. Game just shut down for no reason in the middle of a GW match.

This post is more confusing than one of my posts. I think your main point was:

“It’s not fair that a person can achieve everything in this game but still be stuck waiting on luck for a particular orb to get that one last troop.”

I think a lot of people agree, you’re not the first to bring this up. Normally that’d mean, “Why’d you make another post about this feature?” but that’s the problem: it feels like in GoW the only way to get a QoL feature is to make sure a post about it stays at the top of the forums for 8 months.

I just don’t know what to say about it anymore. I think a lot of us are reaching late-phase F2P burnout. I’m playing a lot less because I know the things that remain in the game want me to do leaderboard chases I can’t do to finish them. The mode I liked most has had the rewards I want out of it removed, so I lose progress if I play it.

If you’re not excited about GoW it’s time to find the next thing to be excited about. I’m looking forward to Animal Crossing, the Link’s Awakening remake, Pokemon Sword and Shield, and about 5 or 6 smaller games this year. I’ll probably be playing some of those well into next March.

Anyway this is what I hate about F2P games. They don’t “end” so you feel obliged to stick around way past the point where you’re done. Sort of like a ghost. If it had an “end” you could say you’d done everything and move on. But it doesn’t, so you feel obligated to stick around for the people who aren’t at the end. It’s tough.

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I feel like there are two different issues in this thread:

  1. Devs and/or publishers dropping the ball (to be polite) ** and devs being backed into a corner
  2. awryan’s attitude (whatever it is)

I wanted to address the more important of the two in my first post and thus ignored the other issue. At first.

Now normally I would say that this is no way to get things done and awryan is very loud, but … suffice to say we’re looking at some pretty big problems and nothing else is working, so maybe seeing this approach through will yield something different. Or maybe our playerbase is going to lose some voices, I don’t know.

What I do know is that it isn’t my job to stop things going off the rails.

For the record, I applauded the use of Frank but I think ‘female dog’-related phrasing was too blunt to not draw the wrong kind of attention (and/or not different or amusing enough either). Maybe because I can read between the lines a lot more easily than others (and enjoy don’t mind the odd curse) but I know where lines should be drawn for general public consumption.

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I gully agree with all the points brought up, and I can fully empathize with the urge to go full on sailor but can’t as the youth does come here from time to time.

I think the devs have this big disconnect with the long term players as in terms of balancing and creativity, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they have been slacking. On top of that, all the kneecapping of veteran players is not cool. I’ve heard many xbox vets say the game is dying, but the devs say it’s growing. Perhaps no one considered that

  1. The veteran players are quitting at faster rates.
  2. Newer players exceed that in terms of additional players.

The end result being that I can get someone who grinded to 1000 in a few months, but doesn’t understand basic game concepts like in ANY of the guild events.

Global is still a cesspool, veterans are dying out more and more, and new players are not shockingly, very uninformed. This game is losing its solid foundation for a bunch of fools who at level 1200 rave as they claim to have created the best greed team, which has existed for almost a year now.

If some of us forumers are called arrogant, then what is that?

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My intent was to under cut the dismissive attitude that some would approach this thread with. As explained in comments above. In the US a Bitch
is a female dog. So many will dismiss complaints as someone just
but some are offended by that word. So I thought I was being clever by calling it
Female dogging = bitching
instead. I had no earthly idea that the Brits made Dogging
an offensive term. If someone in the states, states that they were Dogging someone out. I would assume they mean they are talking trash about them in an embarrassing way.



Thanks for the summary, well said and articulated exactly why I quit playing GOW and went back to Candy Crush, lol.