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Is it time to change growth orbs to something else?

Spending a lot of time and gems in events to get an orb or major orb of growth,is an extremely poor reward for the amount of effort put in to get the orb/major of chaos…The equivalent,is a single battle in explore and under 30 minutes of exploring for the same as a major orb(much quicker if you have a few Ra’s)…If there is no alternative,just remove them from the game altogether,as they are of no use to anyone.


For Low Levels it saves a lot of souls, but - yes for High Levels it is the green pain in the…!

Maybe one day in the soulforge… my last hope!


You’re underrating it a bit… You should have wrote: The green is a very BIG pain in the you know where…. :rofl::joy::rofl:

But I’m hoping with you…:pray:

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I would take any of the others as a minor orb than one major growth orb. So a massive +1 from me on this.


Even low level players detest them(we have 4 in our guild)…The quicker they either change them or get rid of them the better…I finished on the event leaderboard and surprise surprise…You know what i got :clap::clap::clap:

I can understand end gamers hating on growth orbs but for ppl like me they are a godsend at times. Plus people a hell of a lot lower than me would be happy to see them aswell.

I dont like them…but…they do allow lower level people to save souls to hoard toward dawnbringer.

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Just let us break them in the forge and get diamonds or something.


That is a very good idea, I second that :+1::+1::+1:

But I fear that won’t pass the dream stage….:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But what if you have no more new troops to unlock with diamonds. I’d rather spend diamonds to convert them as they are difficult and generally limited to get outside of cash shops.

So, as of now, the last 4 Orbs I’ve scored were growth.

There are basic gaming mechanics to include for a game to be successful (fun, avoid frustration, playability, progression, etc…)

One of them is worthy rewards. The players must feel like, when a goal is achieved, they get a reward. If they get a rock, they won’t be motivated to try again.

So the current double whammy is bad atm:
The quality/need of the Orbs are in reverse proportion to the drop rate.

We have a forge.
Everything in the game should be craftable AND salvageable. Just make the salvage give 25% of the material needed to craft and the economy will work.


hellyeah, i feel so ripped off when spending hundreds of gems for eventsigils and then red turns to green,maybe even at last reward tier…no matter what playerlevel nothing gets useles as fast as souls,i remember when i thought xathenos was a grind,now after forging dawnbringer i piled up 1.5 million again…useless to me as well for crafting zuul goth, coz orbs of wisdom and ascension are way too helpful to upgrade kindoms powerlevel in my opinion
also there should be some use for our thousands of traitsones,treasuremaps and petfoods…growthorbs should be convertable into different orbs

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They’re not needed at all. With the great addition of soul gnomes, growth orbs are utterly useless.


That is a very good point Cracka…:+1:

I agree. This is not only a disappointment, it’s practically insulting. To work so hard and build up the excitement around, only to be let down so hard, it’s insulting. Getting these green orbs single handedly takes so much away from the game. I would rather not get anything at all than get these.

To those who have commented that these are useful in early game / to new players, well, that’s just not true. If you’re having trouble getting souls to the point like you feel like these are valuable, then it’s simply a matter of not understanding the game well enough yet to take advantage of the alternate activities to get souls.

If you are just starting the game and souls are your focus, then here is the approach.

  1. Concentrate on all activities that give Gems until you get 500 gems
  2. BUY THE CELESTIA ARMOR!! - this armour doubles the amount of souls you get while wearing it
  3. focus on arena. The minimum reward for this is typically 1200. But with the Celestial Armor This is DOUBLED to 2400. Also, if you do it on a higher difficulty level, that means even more to be doubled.

This is so much faster than waiting on an Growth orb. Depending on difficulty level and completion level, this is easily between 5000 and and 10,000 souls an hour, if you have the armour.

Point aside, please do something about this growth orb. It hurts the game and the experience far more than it helps.