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Orb of growth its a slap to the face

As the topic title says, its useless and the orbs being the unique rewards from this tedious and gem hungry events its an insult. At least let us craft them to other orbs in a ratio of 3:1 or something like that.


I feel your pain. I’m pretty disgusted every time the red orb flashes to green. I have way more orbs of growth than the others. Those wanting to craft zuul may look at that as a good thing, but for me a slap in the face is an accurate description. I wish i could break orbs down to diamonds to craft the mythics i’m missing. It would also be nice if the other orbs could somehow be converted to orbs of clans. Maybe when the pets come out i can feed them my orbs of growth and they’ll be at least somewhat useful.


Why does major orb of wisdom take four and not three orb of wisdom? Devs can’t count?


And the major orb of growth cost 20 orbs of growth and 1000 souls to craft. Ridiculous. I fear there is 0 motivation for guilds to participate. And lets be honest new players cannot get them easily, so NO they dont have value for no one.


Wait. Doesn’t that make a Major Orb of Growth worth less than the twenty Orbs you put into it? At least with twenty Orbs, you can spread them across more than one troop… :confounded:


I’d like to be able to combine 3 major Orbs of Growth into an Orb of Clones, which would allow you to create one extra copy of any troop you already own.

How about it, science?

Just received on invasion 2 orb of chaos that turned in 2 orb of growth. :((( stupid reward, better give gold keys or treasure maps than orb of growth. Completly useless.

Long boring battles and crappy rewards. Could it be any worse?

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Eh, they’re worth some amount of souls. Not every player in the game is post-souls, so being able to level a troop to 20 without paying 8k or whatever souls is a nice, small boost. It’s arguably more valuable than an Orb of Clans.

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Idk about that, i’ve pulled two mythics from guild chests and yao guai (who eluded me in every other chest) when shentang came out. New troops trump souls in my book. Even new players can get souls easy from maps, tribute, glory, and normal gameplay. People complain about souls as a reward from gnomes, and they’re an extra bonus. So getting the equivalent of souls from a game mode that is extremely time consuming and gem expensive is a big F you. Lets face it, these events are aimed at end game players. New players can barely afford to participate in these events let alone have the troops to perform well. Their souls would be better invested in troops that are truly useful, not those just good for a specific event then tossed aside. At best an orb of growth is a return on investment of souls spent leveling a godslayer or siegebreaker troop. They’re almost better off saving their souls for “regular” troops. Who knows, maybe they would get lucky with an orb of clans and would get tds or pharos ra. Unlikely, but possible. Any new troop is better than souls though. For the target audience of these events even more so.


Im getting sick and tired of thes shiti orbs as well. I’ve invested a lot if time and money on this.
Just too get thous orbs.
I’m ok with orbs of clans and the blue one.
But that’s it.

We need too stop playing raid and invasions.
And with Enough ppl. They have no choices but too change it.

Slap in the face is excacly what they are doing.


It’s about 6k souls for legendaries and lacking a mythic at level 1 I dunno what it would “save” you.
I still have a need for them (souls) but it’s still a slap in the face as a reward.


If I weren’t currently still riding the high of both the Dawnbringer change AND finding out the Soulforge has been operating “properly” in secret for 2 whole months, here’s what I’d do.

If I tried, I could probably list out a dozen things in this game that are bugs, questionable behaviors, or QoL improvements that players have suggested for at least five months. Those are “slaps in the face”, to me. Instead of listing them, I’m just going to say they exist and I expect you’re probably nodding and imagining your own list.

When we are in a state that the only problems in the game are “these rewards aren’t big enough for the effort I put in” I’ll agree Orb of Growth is a slap in the face. Right now I see it as “that’s worth at least 1k souls to me” and I’m happy to not set back my farming for Dawnbringer.

I agree that Growth and Clans are the least worthy of the two orbs. I also know that, psychologically speaking, opening treasure chests in games is more “fun” for players if not every chest contains something valuable. While we can all objectively state we feel disappointed when it happens, research indicates games that do this keep players engaged for longer.

But I’d also like to point out there are a lot of people who don’t have Valkyrie, let alone Pharos-Ra, and to them Orbs of Growth are an incredible value. They’ll eventually have soul farming teams and Orbs of Growth won’t be so good for them. But there’s a lot of them. And they like Orbs of Growth.


Let’s talk about the maximum value of each:

An orb of clans is worth about the same as 15 gem chests if your guild hits 40k seals.

An orb of wisdom is worth 24 arcanes and 4 celestials for the third trait of a base mythic. That’s 4800 glory for the arcanes alone, even if you get them 2 for 400. Or a lot of Explore time.

An orb of ascension is worth potentially hundreds of event keys when used to ascend a new event legendary. Or a bunch of gems when used to ascend a new bounty, raid, or invasion troop.

An orb of growth is worth 1000 souls to level a base mythic to 20. Even without Pharos-Ra, most soul farming decks could get that in ten minutes or less.

TL;DR: Orb of growth is not even in the ballpark of the other orbs.


What crafting Major Orb of Growth requires is the main reason why I have no interest in crafting Zuul’Goth. Even if he’s the only troop I’m missing. The cost is ludicrous. Getting a Minor (which is also how they should be named) Orb of Growth devalues Chaos orbs. It’s 1/20 the value of a Minor Orb of Ascension. Or… Like getting 2 Minor TS from a Gnome. A kick in the gnome sack


Everything’s been said on the topic of orbs of growth.
Those new game modes are both tedious and tiring. It was fun at first because it was finally a new feature in a game that lacks them a lot. But I guess we soon realized how bad Invasion and Raid actually are.
Yet, I’m not surprised by how that turned out to be. It’s just the logical follow-up to what the game has become for months. They are just trying to milk us dry from our gems, so that we’re incited to put money into the game.
That’s the real problem I have with GoW: they are the first to implement new ways of getting our money but it takes them months to publish the smallest update to the game.

The devs know this new stuff is crap. They haven’t said a word since the changes. Hope they’re making enough money cause the invasions and raid boss events are awful.

I get the disdain for the events, but not the vitriol. No one forces you to play them, and the rewards won’t make or break anyone, no matter what stage of the game.


We do it for our guild.


They seriously need to rotate the guaranteed major orb of growth in raid/invasion rewards.