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Orb of growth its a slap to the face

Really not a fan of the current distribution of orbs.

I’m so far behind on ascension orbs in comparison to the other 3 orbs that it appears intentional that Ascension is rarer than all of the orb types. That’s fine, but don’t make Zuul’Goth need the same amount of all type of orbs if that’s how its going to be AND have distribution of orbs be random. I thought it was apparent by the original dungeon diamond distribution that people hated random with repeated chance of no progression…

For every time an ascension orb doesn’t show up as a drop from a minor orb, 1 minor orb of growth can show up. The whole need of 20 minor growths to make 1 major orb of growth is silly (as many others have said in this thread) at a distribution of 1 minor per chaos orb. The effect isn’t even worth much to have such a huge hurdle as is. Clans adds a nice amount of seals, wisdom can be worth a lot of traitstones, ascension is amazing, but growth adds… 1,000 souls maybe? I don’t remember what a 19-20 level up would be, but it doesn’t equal the rest of the given prizes. Even if all minor orb of growths had the effect of major orb of growth, it would still suck as a prize (in my opinion).

I’m sorry for bad mouthing orb of growths to like the 10 people out there that likes them.

If I could see a change, I would prefer:

Minor orb of growth = fully level a troop from 1 to current max level
Major orb of growth = raise a troop 1 ascension level (like a minor orb of ascension) + fully level a troop from 1 to new max level. That’ll give a slightly more enticing reason to seek it out.


In my opinion the orbs from worst to best are clan,growth,ascension,wisdom. Clan and growth to me are pretty useless and pretty much tied for being the most useless. This event every single orb I got was a growth orb. I will say that this invasion was one of the funner events since they started and didn’t feel light a long tedious chore like the rest of the events have. The rewards however where worse for this event than any of the others.

Minor orbs of growth are junk and they drop far, far, far more commonly for me than any other orb. I have received 3x as many orbs of growth as I have any other type of orb.

Please implement crafting recipes to allow us to convert these useless orbs into less-useless orbs. Thanks!


Ok, my vote was for eliminating 50 gem hero class change, but whatever…

Grab the torches and pitchforks boys and girls and crank the anger up to 11. We can get orbs of growth gone or fixed just like dawnbringer.
All it takes is endless complaining across twitch, twitter, and the forums.


Its a shame they couldn’t do something about both issues at the same time…

They eventually got around to removing non-kingdom troops from event chests without any fanfare.

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That stupid 50 gem class change fee is I’d say the single biggest annoyance the devs need to fix. It really obstructs changing teams and playing the game in the way many of us want to every day.

Threads moaning about mixes of different rewards won’t get anywhere… devs almost never tune economy based on feedback… and pretty much only tune it downwards too…


They added a guaranteed major growth orb at the 2nd raid/invasion rewards to compensate. (Apparently that was easier than just changing the forge to only need 4 minors like the others.) Problem is they overcompensated and now the other major orbs are lagging behind for most people.

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Just checked my inventory,

11x Orb of growth
11x M/Orb of growth

4x Orb of wisdom
2x M/Orb of wisdom

1x Orb of ascension
0x M/Orb of ascension.

So that is supposedly random is it?

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Looks even to me :sunglasses:Screenshot_2

You’ve obviously had better luck than most but 18 total growth, 13 wisdom and 6 ascension is far from even.

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Someone did mention somewhere that’s it’s mean to be

15% ascension
25% clans and wisdom
35% growth

That’s if I recall correctly. Would be interesting to see more stats to confirm.

What do you need so many gems for?!?



In case of horrifying luck with keys. It happens!


Don’t mind me, I’m just envious.

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I crafted a Orb of Power, that’s why some are low. I have also received a RIDICULOUS number of Clan Orbs.

The dev will never change that fee. They are trying to get people to spend more gems if that wasn’t obvious by the last game modes released.


So now pets need also gems lol

Pets should get more “bling” the more gems you spend on them. Could you really resist an iced-out Hoglet?

We need to get back to 590 gems on guild tasks. 390 its not enough we have 5 or more gem sinks events. And vip keys are more distant every week.


So anyone know if we can use orb on pets?

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