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Useless in game resource

Can we please have growth orbs replaced in the drop pool for chaos orbs?.The truth is that they are useless for players of all levels (my 1700+ account and my level 20 alt). I would prefer a gold orb that can be exchanged for gold in the soulforge (at least it is useful).

I know the growth orbs are part of the creation of power orbs, but the team could change that recipe easily to include another resource.


Last 2 boss troops needed Blue and Orange orbs for crafting.
Maybe the next two will be crafting with green and purple orbs?

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I can’t get Orbs of Ascension to save my life. Nothing but growth orbs and clan orbs.

Be happy with clan orbs. It’s basically like getting gem keys. In fact guild keys are slightly better than gem keys (at level 6 of course).

Minor clan orb = 15 guild keys
Major clan orb = 75 guild keys


Lvl 1,800 here. Regularly run out of growth orbs and souls… all other orbs I have in great excess…

You must be one of the extremely small portion of high level players that run out of souls and growth orbs. Most have many millions of excess souls and hundreds of excess growth orbs (including myself).

Agreed Fleg, clan orbs are very useful.