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Orb of Wisdom useless for end game players

As end game player I have no use for orbs of wisdom, it would be nice we can turn our orbs into something, like orbs of grow - I can make delve crowns of them

If you’re an end gamer, you wouldn’t need King’s Crown.


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I would love to convert orbs to others, even if it takes a large number. 10 Major Orbs of Wisdom + 10 Major Orbs of Growth = 1 Minor Orb of Ascension for example. That way, even though orb rewards are RNG, you’re still technically one step closer to a useful reward.


I am hoping they have started a trend in the soul forge. Major orbs of wisdom are needed to craft Skroll Reborn. I would like to see more characters like that in the forge. Who knows, the next one may require orbs of growth.


This was my exact thought. That was a really welcome addition to the Soulforge, and allowed players to use up some of their resources that otherwise would sit fallow.

I really hope they continue to get creative with both orbs and ingots (how they handled crafting Leonis Tower) to make them somewhat relevant for mid-late game players.


but I do
I miss 3 unit cards, and 5x pure500, so?

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The one resource I love to trade is treasure maps I have tens of thousands and don’t enjoy playing the event ! Trade or convert would be my suggestion

You can trade maps for gems and glory
1 map = 1-5 Gems and 5-20 glory
Just go for the green and brown chests.
Speedrun it and don´t go for higher chests or even vaults (2 minutes per run)

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I was thinking a re-roll option to craft them back into a chaos orb might be fun. Like 10 major growth plus a thousand souls gets you a major chaos orb, something along those lines. You might just end up with 1 of them again, but at least you get another chance at the good rewards, which is what we all chase in the events.

I’d rather see the treasures have the 10:1 forge up option like the ingots do, as someone suggested in another thread, rather than using orbs to craft them.

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