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Orbs; Feedback and suggestions, and what are they good for?




A few good topics on orbs, but I think that they need a little more thought, as well as the new events.

Feel free to leave thoughts and feedback here, and maybe they’ll think of a way, so that it won’t take 2 years to craft Zuul’Goth, even for the most die hard players it seems pointless and impossible.


High priced tiers in shops, low rewards, orbs don’t do much for endgamers other then to collect. And the repetition is now more then ever.

I like the new update, but how they did it all, it’s not very appealing to the customers.

I really hope it all gets a reworking or else I foresee more ppl walking away from this money pit.


I feel like they are at the wrong end of the rewards.

Most are MASSIVE for new/low players. Free levels? Seals? Traits? Wow.
Yet, chance to reach Orb rewards are very slim for recruits.

Half are useful for mid-rangers. They don’t need seals or levels, but a free Trait or ascending a legendary is great.
Chance of getting Orbs for mid-rangers are moderate, maybe 2 per event.

Orbs are pretty much useless for Top guilds.
Yet, they get the most (all event rewards).

I don’t know, i’d stick some more in lower portals, instead of keys. And for god’s sake, increase they leaderboard rewards for more than 100!


I haven’t completely made up my mind, but I think I’m warming up to the idea of orbs, particularly the orbs of Wisdom and Ascension. As the total number of troops increases and the rate of new troops also, having these orbs available as flexible shortcuts to advancement is quite a boon.

For example, now that there are three Legendary troops in a number of kingdoms, event keys are getting much less effective at targeting these troops. Trying to get a newly released Legendary to Mythic is going to be a matter of either burning an enormous number of event keys during a Kingdom event, or waiting a very long time to randomly pull 5 extra copies from glory, gem or VIP chests. Now, with the orb of ascension, a single copy of the troop plus an orb of ascension is all we need to bump a new Legendary up to Mythic.

Likewise, with the orb of wisdom, you can save yourself farming a potentially large number of traitstones to forge a trait. Personally, I’ll be saving these for 3rd traits on Mythics unless I happen to accumulate more orbs than I think I’d need, but even for an endgamer like me, that is a bonus. For a newer player who maybe gets a new legendary but needs to trait it, using an orb of wisdom or two could let them get that new legendary into a team right away. Having this orb applicable to any troop, without needing the specific traitstones is also a big bonus.

The other orbs are somewhat underwhelming, but overall, I think these have a lot of utility, as long as you pick your spots carefully. For the beyond-endgamer who already has more than they could use of everything, yes, these are useless, but so would anything else have been.


I just don’t know what players all these are targeted at? Mid range?

Low level players will still struggle to win invasions and if in a lower guild will likely not go far.

Mid range could use them the most because they are catching up and can win and with the right guild, complete the tasks.

End gamers, like you said save them for new legendaries to mythic might be the best use. Bc likely they will win and finish all tasks.

I know it’s only been a week and a half, so trying to figure out if I like it all or at just fed up is a tough call to make right now.

I run a guild on ps4, no players have quit or said that they are pissed, so I’m happy about that.

I swear, I’m really trying to be as positive as I can be here. I’m just looking for the best potential use for these and I may just end up saving for a bit and see what happens next.


I think that categorizing players is a little more complicated than just beginning, mid and end-game when it comes to orbs, since guild performance also matters so much.

As an end-game player in a mid-range guild, I might have a different outlook than you, even though our card collections are pretty similar. The difference is that so far, it looks like the guild I’m in will do pretty well in invasions and raids but will never finish the last stage. So I’ll reliably pick up a few minor orbs each event, but will rarely or never pick up a major orb. That potentially leaves the long-term Zuul chase in play for you, but makes it impossible for me. I’m fine with that, since it means that I have no reason to hoard my orbs and I’m going to use them when it makes sense.


Yeah, I don’t know if it will be the case every week, but a few seem to be enjoying it and doing more, I have not asked anyone to do any set amount, they are all just playing at their own paces.

Yeah, it feels like unless you’re a hyper-competitive player in a guild that can always max the invasions/raids, it’s not worth hoarding the orbs.

I’ve seen resources in games like this and I always end up with a ton of them I never used when I quit, and I’m never anywhere near what I was saving them up for.

I think Zuul’goth is "impossible’ for normal players, I can’t imagine many people who play non-competitively stick with the game for long enough to save up the orbs for it. What a disappointing piece of bling.


Even in a competitive top guild, i don’t think using orbs to craft zuul’goth is a reasonable goal or expectation. Higher level players have souls aplenty, so the orb of growth is pretty much going to collect dust. The orb of wisdom can be handy for the last trait on a mythic, but between the double traitstones in explore event and gnome hunting i’m pretty stocked on arcanes and there are a few i’m done with according to gowdb. For me, orbs of ascension will be primarily used for the events i get them from. I plan on using mine for raid, invasions, and possibly bounties so i can stay at tier two and save gems. So the orb of power, although supposed to be the holy grail of orbs, is the equivalent of a small chunk of time grinding resources, and patience for the right cards to drop, and FOR ME unappealing. Oddly enough, orb of clans is my favorite. We hit 40k seals every week, but i primarily save mine for mythic exclusive ones and i splurged a bit when shentang came out. I was lucky and pulled worldbreaker then from guild chests, and i pulled coa from them the other day. I can see where they could be useful in certain conditions for higher levels and have the potential to be very useful to low and mid levels. The problem is that they’re extremely hard to obtain at the levels where they are most useful. Closing all the portals and reaching the final invasion stage may not be realistic for those unable to shell out a lot of gems. And even if they can afford to their time could be better spent farming these resources than doing the events to get them, and there’s no guarantee which one the orb of chaos will give you whether it will be the most useful to you. Gnomes are an unreliable source, I only found one from vault keys and i had a slew of them. Overall, i think there needs to be an adjustment in the methods to obtain them (and raid/vault rewards period but that’s not the issue here), to the power of the orbs themselves (especially the orb of growth it’s extremely underwhelming for the time and effort spent to get it, and certainly in the amount of orbs needed to craft and orb of power (it’s a bit of a sink and very unbalanced). I don’t have any useful insight as to how they can be improved, all i know is that they definitely need some more thought and work into them before they resemble a feeling of power.


In dungeon we got 1 bundle with gems and 1 with $ so why not do the same for orb? They could switch orb color every day and it could be maximum 1 per day of course


The suggestion of making growth orb worth 5 levels and therefore only needing 4 to craft a major needs to happen ASAP.


Or just, you know, standardize the crafting cost so you need 4 to craft a major regardless of what the orbs do. Orbs of growth needing 20 because “20 levels” was extremely fallacious reasoning to begin with because levels all cost the same resource (souls) to advance, cost more of that resource as you get closer to level 20, has that same resource as part of the cost to craft a greater, and also you can only level a troop 19 times total anyways.

The only reason I can think of for it being this way out of the gate is them wanting to further gate Zuul’Goth, but it puts him past the decade mark for anybody not pulling Major Orbs directly. If this change were implemented, it would make it possible for guilds that get every raid/invasion reward (but not leaderboard) to craft Zuul’Goth within 15 to 18 months with good luck, and still put him past about the 2 and a half to 3 year mark with good luck and getting the second to the last reward tier for every guild event, and twice that long again if they miss the second to last reward. Personally, I’d still consider those too long to bother chasing him, but its a start. Getting the orb of power consistently on the leaderboard still remains at close to 3 months, 2-6 leaderboard spots at about 9 months to a year, and every other leaderboard spot barely moves the needle from their respective reward tier (as opposed to non-existentially moving it, like now).


To me Orbs felt a bit unnecessary. I would rather have better ways to get (or sometimes buy) the things I need, not just different and equally unobtainable things to need.

The stack of things that I no longer need or want just inexorably grows and grows (gold, souls, all traitstones) - I have zillions and no way to spend or convert them into things that I might need or want.


I could see this being driven by psychology, rather than whimsy: a shiny new currency may drive higher engagement rates with the new game modes than new ways to get old currencies. (And if you’re sitting on huge stacks of gold, I’m sure your guild would appreciate an extra legendary task or two!)

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I think I already contribute plenty :smiley:

And I think my already-spoiled :stuck_out_tongue: guildies can cope without that 6 extra yellow minor stones and 3 keys.


While this is true, sitting on top of a veritable dragon’s hoard of resources and being unable to spend it also feels terrible, especially when even later introduced resources also trend from almost useless to completely useless over time. What this means for you is that all these resources have literally no value when they are put on new rewards tables, something that keeps happening over and over. And it also is because they are not sinking these resources properly that we have to keep adding new currencies for the next thing to start everyone off on equal footing when they add even the most minor of features, because the game’s natural progression will lead you to having thousands or tens of thousands of extra traitstones and tens of thousands to millions of extra souls. Not that they’d even be able to easily sink off resources off at this point - we are too far in, gluts are too massive and differ too much from person to person, and everyone has already been conditioned to save because of absurd one-time cost items like Dawnbringer being a thing that can exist. It wasn’t futureproofed, and it makes the game’s economy, as a whole, feel incomplete.

As this relates to orbs, in addition to orbs needing to be a lot more common and offered in other places (particularly, wisdom and growth) to be useable for their primary function for the people that do need them, they also need to have an infinitely reusable outlet so that they have a function for the people that don’t (eg., a way to “recycle” them at low efficiency). As I’ve said before in other threads, people should have few or no orbs at any time because they used them, and they should be happier for doing so. Since it doesn’t look like we’ll get either, they simply look like another distraction until we get the next thing, which is likely to be another thing that really form any kind of “higher goal” and becomes a dead-end, and so on and so forth. As it stands now, orbs all do something you already could and have very subjective limited value (even Ascencion, since that just relates to more copies of a troop you already have, which in turn is rarely a thing that makes a troop viable/good or not), are committal, and I have little reason to use them even on my alt account. Not that it matters, because my alt accounts guild will probably only get one orb per guild event, so its not like I have any to use.


Probably grumpy since I just woke up but:

I hate the Orb of Chaos. Its made worse that we get so few from Raid and Invasion modes per week.
I hate the Orb of Growth. Souls aren’t hard enough to get to warrant its existence. Now if it was a bonus souls gained per hour boost, that’d be different.
I hate the current distribution method and amount given.
I hate the idea of crafting the Major Orb of Growth.
I hate the idea of crafting Zuul’ Goth with that many Orbs. I really would love to use orbs and say its a good feature, but I’m currently locked out of using them for years now. (I don’t have to craft Zuul’ Goth right, but an intended goal they set)
I hate getting a Major Orb of Clans when I’m trying to get Zuul’ Goth. It should be a good prize, I’m currently stuck hating it since it essentially wastes a week

Like, why couldn’t Zuul’ Goth just be another Soul Forge troop locked behind Diamonds and Souls? Make it like Xathenos, where everything was obtainable via the Forge. Just because 1% of the population would be able to get it immediately doesn’t mean everyone else should have to suffer for it. If Zuul’ Goth didn’t need Orbs, I could actually get behind the existence of Orbs and be okay with the limited distribution.


I would like a market place where I could swap souls for gold or other items. Having inflated exchange rates that bypassed the need for gems would prob drain a few resources as people covert a less needed resource into something better… like 1 trophy costing 50k gold or 10k souls.

They could also have a daily offer where something like an orb of growth costs 3k souls but you can only get the offer once.

Another thing about the major orb of growth is:

I’m a high enough VIP level to get all my troops to level 15. So a major orb of growth is 5 orbs of growth to me and this is roughly 3 to 4k souls… I will never use a major orb of growth since the VIP bonuses allow me to farm this with ease. IF I should craft Zulu, what use do these orbs of growth have to someone whose benefits for paying cash make the orb obsolete… can I get a soul exchange, I still need dawnbringer?

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Seems daft to call it this, and not just say ‘win a random orb’

Me too.

I also hate the Orb of Wisdom. And the Orb of Clans.

The only one worth getting to actually use is the Orb of Ascension…

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Orb of Wisdom is useful imho for mythic traits. You can save a decent amount of arcane stones.