Orb of power just doesn’t feel that powerful


So it unlocks all levels traits and mythics a troop, but I think it would be even better if we could use one to pick a unowned mythic to get too.

8 just to get zul, so why not 1 for a legendary and 4 for any mythic? Or just 1, even better. Then it would make 1st place during events that much more worth it to go for.

Just another way for lower players to catch up I was thinking.

Orbs; Feedback and suggestions, and what are they good for?
Orb of Growth idea

I will trade you 1 orb of growth for your orb. :smiley:


Pffft!!! That is all I get! No deal.


A lower level player is unlikely to get their hands on an orb of power. Or do they come from chaos orbs? I haven’t heard of one dropping from them.


Only if they craft one.


There is something to what you’re saying - the Orb of Power is supposedly a combination of major orbs of ascension, wisdom and growth. With the vast majority of troops, one or more of those aspects are going to be wasted. For base-mythics, you’re wasting the ascension potential. For base-commons, you’re making maximum use of the ascension potential but only saving yourself a single arcane traitstone. Saving a few-thousand souls is only of much use to new players. New Legendaries are probably the best compromise, but I’d rather have the 3 individual orbs than this single one.

Still, nice problem to have for you.


My problem is just going to sit there and collect dust I think, oh well, how powerful is it now?


The ideal thing to use it on would be something like the guild guardians, which released as commons, but with a huge arcane requirement as well. Who knows now if we’ll ever get another set of troops like that, though.


I think If it was equal to 4,000 diamonds, that would be way better. Pick and mythic and come fully loaded, now that is powerful.


the ideal is give it to me so i need only 7 more for zuul :stuck_out_tongue:


We better because I’ve 80k guild seals saved up to insta-mythic them all


So while annihilation go through a barrier for us or was that the raid boss only?


my guess is boss only


What a lousy return, it says kill a troop. Worst mythic ever.


i just want him for collection, i will probably never use him unless they release a boss vs boss mode


Gargantuar needs a buddy on the shelf because he’s so lonely.


my gargantaur is sitting right beside asiris and play rock paper cisssor


I’m assuming it would work for players as well. But his spell can only be cast once, that’s the main difference.


i will tell you in 2yr when i will craft him :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the point is for them to be an expensive currency endgamers can’t farm quickly but can exchange for shiny things they can lord over other players. Compared to that, fully ascending/traiting/leveling a troop definitely pales. But I think it’s not intended that you’re going to have more than 8 of them for a long time.

If orbs were primarily intended as “a way for lower players to catch up” we’d get many more of them more easily, including IAPs. As-is, they’re only handed out as prizes for big-time performance in guild events. That doesn’t read “lower players”.