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Orb of power just doesn’t feel that powerful

I’m sure it will be longer then that unless you take first once or twice.

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Orb of Power is pretty lame as you can only craft it for 3 times its “power”…
Moreover, you want to use the Wisdom and Acension Orbs on different base rarity troops:

  • Wisdom on Mythic
  • Ascension on other rarities

The only purpose of this Orb is for the Zuul-carrot… I asked yesterday to Sirrian about Zuul-carrot and yeah they want a long-term target to achieve for end-gamers.
He also said that there could be another Boss… Note that they said the same for Xathenos and he’s still alone in the only craftable troop pool…

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All around sugar coated ****.

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I still don’t get why people would even attempt to “chase” something that they know is two or more years out. You don’t even know what the game will look like two years from now (or if it will even be around). And yeah, two years is a decent rough estimate based on getting both greater orb rewards weekly with decently spread RNG on bottleneck draws, but no leaderboard reward.

Just think, just a hair less than two years ago, we had just been introduced to patch 1.0.9, which brought hero classes, legendary traits, Frozen, Barrier, Death Mark, and Disease status effects. A few months prior to this we didn’t even have traits and ascension. Base mythics didn’t exist yet. Things like guild wars and soulforge were a distant memory. The first explode + damage combination was still months away. While most would view these changes as positive, the last two years have also come with:

  • Two large scale income-side direct economy nerfs and several rebalances on the cost side, some rather large, including the introduction of new costs on long-standing features (eg., removing mid-kingdom cycle legendaries from glory packs)
  • The Unity port, and all the changes that came with it (gem spawn mechanics, blob matches/mana calc, cacasdes, the just-recently fixed target lock issue)
  • Increasingly powerful and easy to use troops that brought the average battle down to about 2-3 exchanges, usually after only swiping gems once or twice

Like the changes or don’t, it would be hard to argue that the game isn’t different on several fundamental levels. Two years to acquire anything is so long that it can only function as a shiny.

The thing is, without Zuul’Goth on the table, orbs aren’t all that great at endgame, and there are many endgame players where Zuul’Goth is completely off the table even by a two-year metric because we aren’t getting the Greater Orb prizes (myself, for instance). For regular orbs, even Orb of Ascension isn’t greatly appealing to me, and if I ever even get one (still haven’t so far) it will likely either sit in my inventory or go to ascending one of the troops that can only be collected in a certain way. All in all, they aren’t even zero sum on the time spent getting them or the new gem sinks introduced around the mode, which, if not corrected, will likely lead to me pretending they don’t exist after about a month or so.

They really, really need to flesh out their function for every orb. This would also include futureproofing orbs so that the people that do craft Zuul’Goth by getting top leaderboard spot every single time for three months straight don’t ever run into a situation where they have “too many orbs” that they don’t want to spend because they aren’t getting the full value out of them, thus putting you in another cycle of gults and stagnation. A healthy economy has you spend and be happier for both short term and long term.

A fully loaded base mythic from soulforge (while still being subject to the crafting schedule) sounds too generous, until you realize that less than three are entering the game per month - not per player, for the total playerbase. Any others sink out 3 greater orbs of ascencion and 3 greater orbs of wisdom (oh, and 3 greater orbs of growth too). So what if one more person has every base mythic? Its not like we don’t already have several people there. Plus, the only way to get people to craft them orbs of power and not have enough for Zuul’Goth outside of sheer ignorance or a triple-misinput would be if they actually had some high value, repeatable, independent function. They are already adding more diamond-costs to the game, but if they had a fully functional sink (eg., not 10 diamonds > 100 souls) they could also prevent diamonds from just naturally piling up on the few people that are using the orbs this way.

Right now, I don’t view Orbs of Power as a paid feature since they would be so absurdly costly to go that route. You need gems, time and merit to win the Orb of Power auction, which leaves off even most whales, as it needs to sink off the tens of thousands of gem gluts for several dozen people brought on by the ill-advised bracket 1 Guild Wars leaderboard prizes before someone can even open their wallet to put themselves in the running. The only way it can generate revenue is someone ignorant about how this works and trys and fails to buy-in, which has much much much worse implications.

I retract this if Bounty event allows every single player to get an orb of power somehow. It would be replaced with different concerns about the reward structure, though.

tl;dr: By having orbs be one of the worst time plus cost per benefit exchanges in the game, path of least resistance will naturally lead players away from even attempting to acquire them. Orbs need to be more desirable for the people getting them, or easier to get for the people that would use them for their stated function with usage outlets for everyone else.


Speaking for myself, when i say i will craft it in 2yr, it’s sarcastic, like you say lot of thing can happen in 2yr, we don’t even know if game will still be alive… well when players will run out of gems, if they find some crazy people willing to buy 2000 gems for 100$ maybe game will still be alive


Might be the case but if we all can get orbs of power you can be sure you will need to spend lot of gems to buy sigils cause of course it work the same then raid boss and invasion.

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