Orb of Growth idea

I notice that the Orb of Chaos can drop single Growth/Wisdom/Acension/Clan with roughly the same rate. Orb of Clan could be useful in some condition, others using it for troops, so there won’t be much of a problem. But you want to craft Zuul’Goth, there is one issue.

To craft Orbs of power from all minor Orb, you need 4 of them to make major, except Orbs of Growth with require 20, which doesn’t seem fair, consider it’s as rare as other orbs.

My suggestion is to make single Orb of Growth give 5 levels instead of one. That would make it more useful for using on troops; only need 4 for max level for Mythic, and more on par with other when crafting Zuul’Goth.


I like this. Orb of Growth would still be the booby prize of orbs, but it would suck slightly less.


And of course change the requirements for crafting a major orb of growth. Only 4 needed instead of 20.


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This absolutely needs to be done asap. Its nonsense that you need 20 of these orbs to craft a major orb when it is 4 of the others in soulforge. Its disappointing to get one, and trying to craft a power orb will take forever under the current conditions due to the sheer amount of growth orbs required to create a major.

Come on Devs, these new modes rewards are already lackluster, but the orb of growth is a HUGE disappointment.

Throw us a bone here


After receiving a orb of power, it just feels useless. I think the whole orb system needs a second thought.


Would totally support this.


The amount needed to craft a major is a direct result of their worth(lessness). Players might be tempted to use the other ones to trait or ascend, so they may need more drops to craft a major. However 20 is probably too much. I think they should drop it to maybe 10, and then increase the number of levels it grants to 5.

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To use orb of power or major orb for anything other than Zuul is kind of a waste. For actually using on troops I would much rather 4 minors than a major. Ascending 4 legendarys to mythic instead of 1 common for example. Probably best course of action is save majors and power orbs to eventually one day craft Zuul and spend minors wisely as you get them.

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The only reason to even have the 20 to 1 crafting cost for Major Orb of Growth is to bottleneck Zuul’Goth. This also puts him completely off the table unless you are pulling Greater Orbs of Growth directly, which I’m not sure was even intentional or not.

If you think about it for more than 5 seconds, even the “obvious” reason needing 20 orbs of growth to make a major don’t even make sense:

  • The other orbs costing 4 is a standardization metric used to gate the ultimate prize. Greater Wisdom’s maximum function is 3 orbs, while Greater Ascension’s max function is 5 orbs, yet both are crafting from 4 minor. The most orbs of growth you could ever use on a single troop is 19. The number 20 is not actually based on anything, because a crafting standardization would have it at 4, and a “sum of its parts” which none of the other orbs do anyways, would have it as 19.
  • Costs for all systems are endloaded. A greater orb’s primary functional value is almost universally lower than the sum of its parts, because using them on the last level, last trait or last ascencsion has much, much higher value.
  • There is never a reason to craft regular orbs to majors unless chasing zuul’goth, and if you are crafting regular orbs into majors, the likelihood is that you can’t get Zuul’Goth at all.
  • A Major Orb of Growth saves at most 8k souls, while a regular orb saves at most 1k souls. If the soul economy is the problem (which, lol), this could simply be offset by increasing the soul cost of the greater orb combine.

Needing 20 orbs to craft a Major is ridiculous. Alternatively, why not allow crafting of minor orbs of growth using souls, since they do the same thing.


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