Energy and Sigils?

Top 100 win orbs so in fact they will get him quicker then someone who spend nothing

Every gacha game,like GoW uses an energy system.However Gow is only limited with Raid and Invasion,while other gacha games are limited everywhere,but in exchange for that,our game has the absolute worst rates with Mythics ever known to any gacha game,and there are thousands of them.I dunno how is it even psosible,that they allow these rates here.

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Yes, but only my collector’s side in interested in “Goth Boi”. Thinking what would change in my game if i would simply get him i realize that it would be very little…
So it doesn’t bothers me as much as having uneven numbers of diamonds because of the Gnome’s rewards. :sweat_smile:

If or when we get daily tasks on PC/Mobile i wonder if the devs would be willing to introduce some tasks rewarding Sigils during Raid/Invasion weeks. In this sense they would diversify the distribution of it for the F2P players.

I just want to mention the fact the mythic suck change nothing, it could be some cosmetic for the top 100 it would be the same in the sense the only way you can get it is if you pay to get it

The most reallistic way for the near future i would say. But think about it Ricky, the fact that this Mythic is not a big deal is a relief for all the players that won’t get it in the near future. Eventually we’ll get used to simply ignore it’s existence as there are plenty of more reliable and fun Mythics out there to be chased.

Yes, it doesn’t changes the fact this race for the top is aimed to the ones who can spend such amount of gems and time. But if anything the core game didn’t changed at all, the good old gamemodes and minigames are still here, and some new stuff was introduced. Players can totally ignore the new gamemodes and minigames if they don’t like it, or play only the free battles for some small rewards and maybe one or two orbs or make some investiment with their guildies and chase for some extra rewards.

It’s on the players hands to use their time however they prefer.

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I totally agree with that, but people who say it’s not a P2W mode are wrong :slight_smile:


Oh. I barely even noticed there were rewards for the top 100. That is hot garbage, given that your score is most directly tied to “number of sigils”.

Garbage but still accelerate the process

I think they try to point out that it’s not P2P (Pay to play) and in this sense the features are not totally P2W.

If the ultimate goal is to craft Zuul’Goth, then even a player that doesn’t spend a single gem could do it, maybe in two years or more (possibly more). It’s just not a reasonable timeframe considering the constant weekly and monthly releases.

But if some players are willing to spend gems, that can be obtained for free, to reduce the time to finish this objective then we still don’t have a 100% P2W model. Maybe that’s more or less the perspective.

Better to simply ignore the leaderboards, it’s unreallistic to expect that someone will be the first place four times in each event and craft one of the most disappointing Mythics out there…

but even if you finish 100 you get a major orb of chaos and if you lucky enough you get a major orb or growth and that save you lot of time :slight_smile:

If the devs would consider @TimeKnight’s suggestion to change the orb of growth to give 5 Levels instead of one then things would be more balanced/reasonable about crafting Major Orbs.


yeah it’s a good idea but will the devs implement it? i really doubt about it, what the point to fight for power orbs if you can craft it so easy? the dev will lost too much money

But only the Major Orb of Grownth needs a high amount of normal Orbs to be crafted, it would still be the worst orb to obtain or use in many stages of the game.

trust me if someone really want zuul even if he suck, just to show off, he will spend the money every week to reach that powers orbs, i played lot of p2w game and it’s always the same persons and guilds at #1

I do believe in that. I had my fair share of F2P games too, but the Orb of Growth seems like a poor design and not a complex scheme to boost some sales. But maybe that’s exactly what they want me to think… :scream::wink:

Yeah and players spend dollars to get Mythic, Legendary or Xathenos so on, they also get them quicker.
And according to your P2W definition both your example and mine seem wrong as this part normal players don’t have access is not satisfy: get them quicker doesn’t mean make it available.

As said, before I don’t deny that the Leaderboard is P2W but I don’t think so about the Guild Reward system. The main difference between them is the amount of gems required: for the Guild stuff, you can do it with the free gems of the week. For the Leaderboard, it seems difficult to compete with only free gems…
And I just remind that Raid Boss and Invasion are totally optional. It’s not the core mode of the game.

You should know this post from Sirrian which is not a 1 year and half old one…

About your quotation, I already comment about that. Maybe it’s time for them to focus on making money


It’s not the same, everyone got access to them, everyone got the same chance to catch them , it only depend of your luck, in revanche these orb you need to participate in raid boss or invasion and finish 1st witch need lot of gems to accomplish

You don’t need. You can do the Leaderboard if you want to go faster that’s all.
One can buy the 5$ Dunegon pack to go faster to get more Mythic, Legendary or Xathenos.

Bro it’s not the same, mythic legendary, theses thing are based on pure luck, and everyone can buy your dungeon pack you are also limited to buy only 1 time it’s same Chance for everyone the power orb are base on who spend the more money, it’s clearly not the same thing

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I feel like what we’re learning is the definition of “P2W” is somewhat personal, and not as objective as we think.

Now that I know more about the leaderboard rewards, I have to agree that at the most basic level yes, invasions and raids are “P2W”. Stop with the “well, actually” and let me finish.

The top 100 players get stuff. Your maximum score is a function of how many sigils you have. Since you can spend gems to increase your maximum sigils, it’s easy to imagine at least some of the top 100 will have done so. Since it costs more gems than can reasonably be farmed in a week, it’s easy to project that “an F2P player can’t conceivably qualify for prizes every Invasion/Raid”. Put all of those together and we have the most basic requirement for P2W: “If I spend money I get stuff people who don’t spend money can’t get.”

I see a lot of the thread as bickering over nuance around that point. Such as:

  • “Well, what you get isn’t very significant, so you aren’t really “winning””.
  • “Spending money doesn’t even guarantee a place.”
  • “It’s not a lot of money.”

And so on. These things might affect whether you think this is bad, but they don’t change that these competitive modes are likely awarding prizes only to players who have paid money in. That the prizes are insignificant doesn’t affect that.

Now, other side of the coin, for the mad people:

It’s OK for people to be OK with this game mode. For example, I know the end goal of collecting orbs is Zuul’goth, and I’m not super interested in that card. I think paying any amount of money to get there a few months faster than everyone else doesn’t pay off. It’s going to cost a few hundred dollars. You could buy a game like Skyrim with several dozen hours of content for that. You could buy a lot of pizza and beer for your friends. There’s a lot of stuff you can do with that money that sounds cooler than “getting a troop I’ll use sometimes in one game”. But since those people are paying for trinkets, I get to keep playing. That’s cool with me. And if they stop paying, well, I’ve got a big game backlog to tackle.

So I think all of you have good points, but no one’s really “right”. A lot of us are perpetually mad at the game. The older I get, the less time I have for that. You know what’d have a lot of impact? Entire guilds opting to not play or spend at all for a month. You bet your cheeks that whoever has decided to make these features is very carefully watching player engagement and spending metrics to see what’s happened. You bet your cheeks that the new modes have increased both numbers, because new content’s always exciting. If, after this surge, everything goes “back to normal”, then you’re going to get more of this.

But if they see a catastrophic crash in both player engagement and spending, they’re going to think twice about releasing a janky, half-tested update just to push more ways to spend upon you. They’re going to sweat and try to figure out how to go back to what worked. Or, they’re really stupid, and they’re going to keep chugging along and make it worse.

But they’re betting none of the top guilds have the guts to risk their e-pride and go on strike. That’d let some of the not-so-top guilds catch up. They’re betting your’e going to keep spending for the next few months just as you did for the past few months. And you’re going to. But now they’re also getting people who spend more involved.

The power is yours.

Me? I barely spend. I’m not in a top guild. I don’t have skin in the game. I’m going to play until I get bored, and if it costs money to get prizes that’s a good way to make me bored.

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