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Alter major orb of wisdom pattern in soul forge

ok when it comes to orb fusion in the soul forge growth matches since each troop has 20 levels so 20 orbs of growth are needed ascension is fine but with wisdom orbs, you’re wasting an orb since you need 4 orbs of wisdom to make a major orb but each troop only has 3 traits as such you end up wasting an orb so the patterns should be 20 orbs for growth 4 orbs for ascension and 3 for wisdom

You don’t start at level Zero, so you do waste a minor green making a major.


It’s kind of the “whole point” in crafting stuff in most scenarios, even real life, there is always some materials which are wasted in order to make something you want.

On the other hand one Orb of Wisdom can be very valuable if you use them only for the last traits of high rarity troops because you’ll save a lot of traitstones, including Celestial ones.

My suggestion is: Never craft Major Orbs unless you are about to craft an Orb of Power for Zuul. You’ll have plenty of traitstones and Major Orbs of Wisdom later, so don’t rush things if you are not about to unlock some kingdom upgrade or assemble a new team.


Major blue is a good deal for gnomes :shushing_face:


My suggestion: have alternative major orb crafting recipes that use either diamonds and/or gems. This allows for crafting majors with less minors but in a way that consumes these valuable resources and thus is fair to the developers. Plus, a lot of end game players are sitting on thousands of diamonds and this could be a sink for those.

The real problem is that the major orb recipes we have are aren’t real recipes but are there purely as a step towards crafting Zuul. I would also have an alt power orb recipe that uses diamonds and gems so that it’s feasible to craft a power orb from minimal minor orbs but at huge cost to diamonds and gems. That makes it only accessible to end game players but gives them a way to spend these resources.

A problem with the above is players with huge diamond hoards could craft the next Zuul-style troop the instant he comes out, but eh. The game needs more diamond sinks.

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