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Rage Quit is When

When I tried to strip a 35+ Armor target with Bone Dragon, and I ended up with only one 3-skulls match.
… Which also set the other side up with a hellouvalot of 4-skulls extra turns :rage:

  • All my troops are stunned and frozen.
  • Famine drained all my troops mana and instakill my main damage dealer.
  • Enemy Justice keep looping when all my troops are frozen and all enemy troops ended up with 100+ life and attack.

I played close to 400 invades, all was wins until the Rowanne bug arrives(which gave me a lose), when she casted her spell the game stopped, needed some hours off after that one…


Oh another one: Wraith/Bulls-eye instakill my Gorgotha.


Opponent Death kills two of my damage dealers so I have Mercy and Gorgotha left…


when i clicked random kingdom explore to test a new team and the battle reward granted me arcane summer :sweat_smile:


Wait, why is that bad?

coz its like having bad luck when having good luck, like a fate is laughing at you giving you fake luck xD

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when i play tresure maps and from a 2-7x 5gem cascade the counter add only >1< move

when kerb and kraken 4-8x in a row not devour

when bonedragon are full in the first 2-3 turns an the game is over

when units survive with 1hp and then cast shit on me

when i get the uselesseseseses units in the arena over and over again, after 10 trys i hate arena again

when deathmark kills my units instantly


When you realize you’re battling someone from guild Santa’s Big Gift (PS4). :sweat_smile::smile::laughing::laughing::rage::sweat_smile::laughing:

  1. When you realize you just spent 10K in Arena.
  2. When on the 11th try (going for a perfect streak) you get through round 7 only to lose round 8.
  3. When you lose in round 1 GOTO line 1.

When the AI cascades enough mana to charge their Creeping death and fires it off putting Deathmark on Mercy and Gard. Then on my turn they both die instantly leaving me with Hellcat and Alchemist to loop and pick away at their four at 19 points at a time.

Edit: I guess this doesn’t really count in this thread - I raged but I didn’t quit.


“Sorry, this battle has ended.”


When you struggle to win against a tough team only to get “seems this battle has already been played” and back to the map you go


When one of my troops is devoured by Black Manacles… two turns in a row.


Maybe not enough to quit but still causes rage:

Legendary task complete! :slight_smile:

It’s a troop! :grinning:

Gar’Nok :rage:


:cry: I so hate that… You don’t even have time to do a cleanse… Buhbye. I just had that happen. However I skullcrushed him on the next turn with 90 points of damage

Watching Cascades happen on opponents turn that completely fills every single troop of theirs plus gets a few skull crushes in at the same time.

Having 1 troop left and the opponent down to almost nothing and gets a cascade that causes a skull crunch.

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When enemy’s Agile trait proc’d 5 times out of 5!
@Sister, I’m looking at you!


When AI knocks out three of your troop in one turn and spends over a minute to knock out the last one by just casting spells, to later leave you with skulls to knock them out but because of ARMOR, you don’t even scratch the surface and instead AI decides to finally knock you out. (Freaking AI, watch if I see you outside I’m pouring water on you! Mark my words!) :smile::laughing::sweat_smile::confounded::laughing:

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