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Rage Quit is When

When the AI suggestion on the next gem match is a Lying TRAP!


Or the suggestion is the only possible match on the board, which you can clearly see is going to result in an avalanche of match-4s and -5s on the AI turn. And none of your troops are charged.


playing a long fight with mercy vs manticore to end up with this:


That is the worst!!!

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The AI suggestion is always a lying trap. Never take the AI suggestion unless it’s the only move on the board.


I beat them all the time :wink:


The @DonBoba Effect :tm::copyright:


Sylvanimora holds off your skull spam until Death casts, killing two troops on the first turn, one on the second, and leaving your lone Justice alive for five turns, until deathmark clears, Wraith reapplies it, and kills it instantly.


I’m surprised you waited that long until quitting… I’d have quit when my first 2 troops died

My hero and Mab died. I’ve won enough games on just Valk and Justice. In hindsight, I should have quit when my Valkyrie died. But I didn’t. But that was just salt in the wound and I had to quit for the day at that point

Mine is when I lose Shiny to skull spam by BD, and TDS to a famine cast leaving me showing the finger at it

That’s a neat batch of Legendaries from 50 VIP chests…

Except you know what’s MISSING?
Frigging Ketras, that’s what!


I believe this is what you’re looking for? @Sidousai


And this literally just happened to my guild. Again. At least we got 20 minor reds, though, right?


I’ve had pretty good luck with Mythics. My most frustrating unable-to-get-a-specific-troop moments have always been when trying to ascend certain Epics. I think Desdaemona is the worst. I swear I opened several hundred Event chests during the last Blighted Lands week, including every key and gem I had at the time, and I’m still one short of getting her to Mythic.

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When the entire board is build for the enemy team a complete fight long (colours)

Krys, Krys, TDS, Krys 7,7k vs Khorvash, Abhorath, Famine, Death 9,1k

After minutes ridicolous annoying fight, finally a 20hp TDS with 29atk and Deathmark (since 4 turns) vs a 25hp Death with 28atk and then he takes mana and gave me 3 skulls to win but the DM triggers in this moment…

are you kidding me? -.-

normally i can roll over the most teams since i get TDS this week but this was the anti-make-my-day

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When your finally about to beat your win streak and your victory counts as a loss and rests the count…

Played one match to see if it would fix itself. It didnt but counted that battle as 2 victories…


When you are on a 500+ win streak and go to check the exact number only to see “Currently undefeated in 14 battles”

When fighting Death and down to your last troop and the enemy having a 5 health Death left after spending a couple of turns finally filling up Dragon Soul just to have Death’s trait steal your last 2 health.

When fighting Wraith/Courage/Bone Dragon/Famine having your entire team filled up and fighting a single Famine and then have Famine drain everyone and one shot one of your troops and then spending a few turns trying to fill up one troop just to have Famine up again before you have a chance to do anything.


Bone dragon fills turn one.


Bone Dragon fills turn two…
and strips your Gard’s Avatar :cry: