Rage Quit is When


Your Guardian cast provides no matches, but sets up the AI with half a dozen match-4s and -5s for a color it can’t even use.

Bonus points if the AI has a Kraken.


When you loose the first PvP of the week after only just being able to motivate yourself to the grind… :disappointed_relieved: :rage: - :golfer: :computer:


This can be circumvented by running Mab, most of the time


Actually I think that if no troops on a team can use the color, Frozen will not stop them from taking every match-4 and -5. I know I’ve seen that happen in my battles.


He’s right. Even if all 4 of their troops are frozen, matching 4 of a color they don’t use results in an extra turn.


Rage PLAY is when the nurses decide to come in the room at 4am and make the most noise they possibly can!


But i did hit level 500 because of it lol


Followed by.


I don’t see the issue. If it’s your turn in the second picture, you take the reds which probably fills up TDS. After their turn, you’ve probably got a skull match to kill him. What am I not seeing?


When Gizmo gets a private message on a game with no private messages that says “you lose and I win… sincerely Gizmo” This would be rage quit worthy…


Kerberos only cast twice, devouring both times. Luckily it hit only hit my two support troops.


The moment you know rage quit i going to happen…



Everytime i look at it


I had a match today where I wiped out the entire enemy team save for a Kraken. That Kraken finally got a cast off when I had 3 troops left. It devoured one and the blue gems created made a match-4 that then cascaded into filling the Kraken again. He cast again and devoured a second troop - in the SAME turn. ROFL


All this negitivity i thought id share this… They fired tds and left me with this lovely scenery…


Ok almost quit but was so close…

When you hit rank 28 on the pvp leaderboards and think im doing awesome! Then you go play one battle, ONE!, and drop to 304…

Needless to say im over the leaderboard and if i ever make it up there again im not going to care lol


You have a well set up treasure hunt and no long want to make a move but you can’t surrender because you do not know if they implemented the feature you requested.


When you brought wrong team into battle :joy:

Instant alt+F4



We’ve all been there…


Sorry TheIna. But I really don’t like BD KoS teams