Rage Quit is When


I took kos out… Added humility in first. Idk why lol… Dont pay a whole lot of attention to defense on weeks when it doesnt help anyone…


Oh that has happened far too many times. And you know when you’re totally committed to not loosing you go ahead and try…


When you are in the PvP selection screen, your Firefox browser decides to apply an update, the whole GOW window goes black, you click somewhere within the window to coax a reaction and hear a PvP fight spinning up. Goodbye win streak…


ouch xD
thats why i click on that window handle/line on top of the window

ps. check if your mouse double-clicks on its own (mine does)


It doesn’t, you only need a single click to pick your opponent from the three choices provided. I guess I wasn’t expecting input to still get processed with nothing visible on screen. Could have been worse though, at least I didn’t accidentally spend gems to buy gold or souls. :rage:


to pick one out of 3 yes but then it suppose to lead you into a screen where it shows the enemy team or allows to scout then you have to click fight to proceed


The board is lined up perfectly for a Pharos-Ra cast after the enemies turn, but the game believes there’s no moves to be done and shuffles the board. Shafted.

Wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t just get both Bone Dragon and Famine up in the same turn thanks to cascades.


I am farming Arcane Mts for Stonehammer and after 90 Explores I have unearthed

2 Arcanes and… 3 CELESTIALS!!! :rage:


But hey you’ve got cake! Hehe


Played bombots vs bombots, then enemy only had his manacles left with 12hp… My manacles was also ready… I was like “Ha, this is so easy, one more cast and done…”

Then the magic number 20% did it again!

This week: Bombots are the New 50 Shades of Bone Dragon

This happened to me almost exactly today. Except we were both down to the last Hero, and the opponent’s 20% kicked me in the face…


I had that moment too, lol. When it’s bombots vs bombots, it usually come down to who got their bombots ready first or who got lucky devour. Haha.


I’m 2 for 2 today where I’m using an Amira team against 3-4 blue teams with Death and it manages to get off its spell and immediately kill my Amira with Death Mark.


When any gem match I make cascades into a Skull match for the opponent on their next turn… 5 turns in a row! :disappointed_relieved:


Dragon Soul kept rezzing and I ran out of bombots.



I am so tired of trying to get to the 5th star… it’s just driving me batty. I had less traited with Blackhawk when I got to the 5th star…

This just seems wrong. Gah… this sucks.


Bone Dragone destroys my Fortress Gate in one cast and Krysetnax summons a Silver Drakon that blocks my Dragon Soul.


This is why we don’t use Fortress Gate, ever.


when your only losses every week are from low teams with tds they heal itself for 50hp+ trough endless cascades with a guaranteed skull or two or three after every cast and of course, full mana for tds -.-