Rage Quit is When


btw thats a meme mod, its brian unluckys shirt.


When the enemy TDS somehow manages to respawn 8 times. Not even kidding. And it got a ton of cascades, too. Wiped out my whole damn team.

One enemy Kerberos ends up devouring 3 of my troops in rapid succession.

I also tend to avoid any and all “create X gems of a color” troops because they somehow always end up screwing me over, giving my opponent a bunch of extra turns (yes, Celestasia, I’m looking at you).

Not sure what I’ve done but RNGesus hates me.


You forgot your prayers:



Your Forest Troll misses with 10 greens on the board and fills all enemy Krakens that then destroys your whole team in a single team.


You have the MOST popular votes in the PS4 competition and then don’t even finish in the top 3!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All your favorite troops one by one get nerfed into obscurity


Have you noticed how silent TSC is after the troops get nerfed into the botton of the sea? Its almost as they regret whining about the troops, when they get nerfed badly.


When you get trolled and aggressively hit retreat and then have to turn your sound back up. Insult to injury.


you explode whole board to see you get a 5 skulls in a horisontal row as a cascade leading you to the victory, and the next match after you move one gem you are destroyed by wisp-o-kraken turn sequence
neither rng win nor rng loss was fun :sweat_smile:


Opponent Forest Troll casts with 3 greens on the board, resulting in two green 5-matches. Happened to me and a guildmate on the same day.

Anecdotal recall bias is clearly the only issue here.


…when Nyx drain your ready-to-cast Infernus. Retreat immediately.

God I’m starting to get tired hearing her scream.


When you play humility / humility / lady anariel / plague, all your troops have 0 attack and all the opposition have 200+ health and armour!