Things that make you frustratingly angry playing GoW


I hate the AI getting extra moves for a match 3 or making 2 moves at once.


Every. Raid. Boss. Battle.

“Oh, there’s only Zuul’goth left with 20 HP, this one’s in the bag.”

4-match, 4-match, 4-match, 4-match, cascade, cascade, cascade, cascade, 4-match, 4-match, ZG skill, skull, skull, skull, skull DEFEAT

This isn’t a game. It’s a slot machine.


I could not agree more with this! Same/similar bs occurs in Invasion weeks but to a lesser degree.

To everyone that has mentioned Orbs of Growth as a slap in the face, I vehemently agree.


too lazy reading it all, so it might have been said before, but here in big letters at least:



when you win a PvP match and the game errors out or goes infinate during the rewards loading screen.

Thanks for that.


When you play every day but are limited to 1500 seals (not counting orbs). I can see being limited to giving the guild 1500 a week but if I play more then that why cant I still earn seals for myself?


Bugs… and knowing that there are bugs - still introducing new useless content which do not help really with seals.


That’s why we have this every 3rd week.


Don’t forget this every 3rd week too :+1:


A trading function would be awesome.


Waiting 1 hour for the game to load.
Waiting for 1 hour for the game menu to load.
Waiting 1 hour for Bounty to load.
Waiting 10 minutes for my Bounty team to be saved.
Waiting 10 minutes for a game to start.
Waiting 5 minutes between each turn in a Bounty game.

Can anyone top this?


Killing a pet gnome and then the game crashes.:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl::joy:


I’m not nervous anything when I’m in game because, I didn’t spend any cent on the game and I have achieved practically everything at possible. I’m in game from 29.04.2015. 21:07:25 P.M. and still are moments when i feel it’s my first day in game.

                                        Still Loving Terrorist <3


That’s happens in every new game mode, if the invisible difficulty setting is tuned high enough. Had that happen to me this afternoon in bounty mode.

Working as intended, since 3.x.


We had Kit Sith event. That pet was only just released, first one I’ve seen besides the one-dayer. Sooo… not being able to play right, wasn’t ideal!


97% Divine Defense Teams in PvP at High Level Players, No Buff for me Pirates. Hero should walk on the World Map, facing random Events and Fights or just simply find a hidden Treasure. That will never happen. All new Content is endless Battles who stack to Infinity, Weekly Troops look cool sometimes but are useless for most battle Modes, it’s a Shame. Pet fights are too short, make it 50 Fights with Level 1000 Troops plz. I lost interest and Passion for the Game, the Fun is gone. (Player Level 1400+)


It would be cool if the ENTIRE guild’s 45,000 seals per week were simply in a pool for the entire guild to try to achieve. That way, ANYONE could make up for any seals a less active member or a member out of town might not possibly be able to achieve that week. It would be great for those of us who could get 1,500 seals 2, 3, or 4 times over in a week!

To stop seal-hogs, you could still have the pool of 45k seals, but cap off individual members at around 3000 seals or so.


Congratulations on your new career as a waiter.


This. I usually have seals and event done by Tuesday. Beeing active feels unrewarding most part of the week.


Not sure about frustratingly angry, but certainly annoyed to the nth degree that so many currencies exist in the game now, and the newest higher-level currency (ingots) are not included in VIP chests.