Things that make you angry while playing GoW

If I can choose 1 thing it is the orb reward discrepancy. Wading through an entire event just to get another orb of growth feels like a kick in the nuts every single time …


Lag or server issues… They make me stir crazy to play… meanwhile I have only a spinning wheel to keep my mind occupied…

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Getting VIP 5 and the gem nerf 2 weeks apart.


I mentioned Sirrian before and asked for this but i simply forgot to ask about it yesterday on the Q.A… :roll_eyes: Dumb me…

But if nothing changes in the next update we must be more vocal about this.

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Such a good sport for giving your competitors a friendly advantage. :face_with_monocle:

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Not being at 20 lost me a ton of points didn’t it. I was 500 away from 6th and much better rewards.

Or is it just mythic rarity?

Lesson learned. Check upgradable.

I’m pretty sure it needs to be level 20 to be counted as mythic.

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I was getting 24 points per battle. Not to sure what it is for 3 mythic troops.

I Will pay more attention next time for sure.

Yup, 12 from the captain, Tigraki, and 6 for each other unique bountyhunter at mythic rarity.

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Thanks and sorry to derail.
So as long as card is ascended it can be level 19 to get max points.

Yes, you just lost a few points of damage from Magic/Attack when using Tigraki.

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Ok. Thanks. All good. At least not points though.

Carry on everyone with the frustrations.

Getting growth orbs at 70% drop, 20% wisdom, 9% clans, and 1% margin of error as some yellow got spilled and made some bluyellow orb.

Seriously wish we could convert one orb type to another with use of diamonds, or something. Even diamonds will be worthless soon after I get my last obtainable mythic undine.


I have every mythic but I won’t feel diamonds are worthless until I’m holding a diamond reserve enough for 2-3 future mythics I may miss with keys.

True, but it counts on bad luck and I try to be optimistic about that. Seems inverse though as my mythic pull power rocks, but I can’t get an ascension orb to save my life. I missed only one bounty and only have one power orb. Yet, I can get a mythic with only a couple hundred gem keys.

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Hard worked stuff always dissappearing from your inventory. Now i don’t usually check that, but my guildmates were complaining about gems or ingots not being there anymore just for me to realise that some arcane stones i farmed last night are not there anymore in the morning. This truly is frustrating, right?

It’s not really a playing thing, but I’ve had a “but WHY?!” moment when I saw @Cyrup, known as being the greatest fan of Penglong, having her avatar use Peace Pidgeon instead of Shortlong.:open_mouth: While we do not know if Shortlong is maybe Penglong’s son or daughter, I feel Cyrup’s dedication to her true love might be lacking.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: it is true, I love Penglong so

However, in truth, I do not own a Penglong Pet. So the Birb is the closest I can get.


Throw in pet gifting and your problem is most assuredly solved! :yum: