The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Someone in my team just fighted him in pvp


They may have dropped a few new troops into chests then. I’ll add any new ones once I have some confirmed reports.

@Alpheon - did you guys drop some new troops into chests, aside from Mongo?


Spirit fox

Feel a little OP this week :slight_smile:


From what I have seen, Mongo should be the only new troop in chests. Snowy Owl shouldn’t be available, unless we have some goblins in the system.


Well maybe he was in arena and he tought he was in pvp


Original post updated for release of Ketras the Bull on PC/Mobile.


Updated for this week’s events. There should be nothing new in chests this week since the troops we got 4 weeks ago were already available.

I’m not going to ask about bonus troops. I’m not going to ask about bonus troops. I’m not going to ask about bonus troops…


So where is bonus troops? :slight_smile:


@Nimhain I heard the new kingdom will be out next week, is it confirmed yet?


@Stan spring imp confirmed, we got her from legendary task


Original post updated for this week’s events. Tuskar and Sunsail should be in chests now.


I’m sure that you’re using “should” in a very loose sense here, but I can confirm that Sunsail was in XBox chests this morning.


Some kudos needs to go out to the developers. Before I took a quick break almost every weekly Event on console had some type of minor issue. Since the 2.2 update its been fairly smooth so far…


Hey Guys,

Unfortunately I have some bad news about Pharos-Ra. We were doing some last minute testing before his planned release tomorrow and we found an issue with his 3rd trait, where it isn’t working correctly. This means that he will not be coming out tomorrow, as we need a client update in order to fix the bug.

We’re going to move the release for next mythic ahead but not for this Friday. Silverglade is still looking good for its upcoming release (but as always nothing is 100% certain until released).

CONSOLE: New Kingdom - Silverglade
CONSOLE: Witches in Britches

Sorry to hear that, but I really appreciate that you let us know what is going on.


That suck but ty for the info nim. so what was the next mythic?


Jotnar is next in line.


I was a little excited about Pharos, but I fear that by the time he’s released now, I may have hit the soul wall already, which pretty much makes him obsolete. I’m only about 200,000 souls away from maxing out all my ‘true kingdom’ troops, and I’ve already maxed out any hero classes I’m likely to use.


Lol yeah same here everything is leveled and got 877k useless souls


If i can catch him, i Will probably try jotnar with jarl but that kind of suck the barrier are not really good against bone dragon, he still can kill easy people with barrier